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Summer is here and time for even more adventures and travels, both from home and when getting away.

Camping trips, social events, road trips, I would never normally take with me a BBQ as they can be cumbersome and dirty things. But with the Summit International Smokeless BBQ, that is a different matter!

It will be coming along on many trips, It is light and portable, so quick to set up and get cooking with (within 5 minutes), and so very easy to clean, as I will explain below.

The Summit International Smokeless BBQ in its bag

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The BBQ is extremely light for its size and you can see above that inside the carry bag it is extremely portable.

That means it is not just for home gardens, it can be taken anywhere. The boot of a car on a day out, the campervan on a trip away, camping, or a social event you are travelling to.

The portability and ease of use means that my BBQ days are going to be well on the increase!

The Summit International Smokeless BBQ ready to start up

Ease Of Use

This is another reason I am loving this bit of kit. The speed it can be set up and used for cooking.

It is light and sizeable to sit on a garden table too. This means no more standing in the corner of the garden away from the social part of the gathering.

Did I mention it is virtually smokeless? Yes, well, why not try having this BBQ in the middle of the garden table as the centrepiece whilst your guests drink and chat whilst the food is cooking in front of them?

I have tested it well now and can honestly say it can be up and running for cooking in less that 5 minutes.

All you need to do is place a little charcoal in the centre piece, and put in, on top of the lit BBQ lighting gel underneath.

On the front of the BBQ is a power knob that controls a fan from underneath (4 x AA batteries required). Turn this full for 5 minutes and the charcoal goes grey and you are ready to cook.

Place the cast iron grill on top during this process to get that warmed up too.

The Summit International Smokeless BBQ set up

After the 5 minutes or so getting it heated up you can use the control knob on front to set the heat to your wishes, as easy as that!

In fact in the short time I have been using this BBQ I have found it just as convenient, if not better for taste, as warming the oven up in the house.

cooking steak on the The Summit International Smokeless BBQ


This is a part that got me too. We all know that feeling after using the old big normal BBQ, ash, charcoal bits, fat, bits everywhere. Where do you start?

Well with this BBQ, every component, except the big main basin, comes out and is totally dishwasher proof!

Just let it all cool, take all the parts out, including grill and place in dishwasher, then just use soap and water to clean out the main part, it cleans very very easily I can tell you.

Where To Buy

You can purchase the Summit International Smokeless BBQ in various places including:

Camping World


I love BBQs and I love al fresco dining. This set up lets me enjoy my taste of charcoal cooking and will enable me to do so more often!

I cannot wait to get out on the road with it. Camping, watching the sunset, glass of bubbly in hand, a steak cooking on the BBQ, Tip-Top! Why didn’t I get one of these before? damn!

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