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Owning a dog, and especially active dogs like mine, involves getting out every day to ensure they get the exercise they need on a good long dog walk.

Of course, British weather doesn’t care about my comfort level, and many walks involve mud, puddles, waterlogged fields and other muck.

I’ve been wearing wellington boots for years, but on cold, rainy mornings a normal welly doesn’t keep your feet warm, and many have a loose fit that can cause foot pain on longer walks over rough terrain.

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This is where I have found Muck Boots really come into their own, offering comfort, warmth, practicality and durability. A boot that was designed for those needing true waterproofing.

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It is not just wellington boots that the Original Muck Boot Company offer either. I personally have two styles of footwear from them: wellington boots and the Outscape, a casual trainer type shoe that is 100% waterproof.

Let us take a look at each, but first more about the brand.

Original Muck Boot Company

The Original Muck Boot Company was created with a very specific purpose in mind: to solve a problem. How could one create a wellington boot that was comfortable, protective and reliable?

Established in 1999, it has grown by leaps and bounds and expanded its range. But has kept with its principle of designing practical, comfortable, waterproof footwear. This means creating lightweight and comfortable shoes for all types of needs, not just dog walks of course. Offering farming, equestrian and casual shoes that are perfect for gardening too, Muck Boot has a shoe for everyone.

Muck Boot Forager Tall Boot

My absolute honest opinion here is that this is the best wellington boot I have ever worn. Believe me, as a dog owner of many years I have tried quite a few.

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The Forager Tall Boot is an advancement on the original wellington boot style for those who are always on the go outdoors. That includes me, walking my dogs in all sorts of weather every day.

The first thing I noticed when putting them on was how snug they fit, almost like a pair of slippers, in addition to how light they feel.

These rubber boots are certainly made to ensure your feet are comfortable whatever you’re doing, from taking long walks to camping. The footbed has built in double density memory foam.

The extra guard rubber toe, sole and heel make them even more durable than the average rubber boot. And yes, they do feel very warm around your foot, something that was always an issue with others I have tried.

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I use them at standard length, but the tie up gaiter can be rolled down and you can roll down the liable rubber uppers even further to make them a short boot as well, making them good for the summer days. They are sort of a 3 in 1 boot.

On cold and wet mornings where I would have gone through the hassle of putting on hiking boots for an early dog walk, I now just slide the Forager Boots on without a worry and go.

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Outscape Lace Up Shoes

As I mentioned earlier, in addition to their wellington boots, The Original Muck Boot Company specialises in other types of footwear that are practical, as well as durable, for spending time outdoors every day.

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The Outscape Lace Up Shoes have the look and feel of trainers but are 100% waterproof.

These are now my go-to shoes for dry, long dog walks. In fact I can wear them all day, even if I need to nip into a shop or visit with someone, as they are a really smart casual shoe for all day use.

I find them extremely lightweight and they fit really well. I wear them all day every day at the moment. They’re great for smaller, flat and grassy hikes so I don’t have to wear heavier hiking boots, but still have a shoe that is practical, waterproof and durable.

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I love the hybrid nature of them. They look casual but behind the scenes they are looking after your feet, keeping them dry and also allowing for air circulation. I find them warm too on colder and wet days.

The grip is good going over wet rocks and they wipe down so easily. A lot of thought has obviously gone into creating this casual shoe that is both practical and comfortable.

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Ok, so after years of searching I have finally found footwear that covers all my needs for dog walks and extended day walks.

The Original Muck Boot Company had been on my radar, but I am glad I finally took the plunge. These boots and shoes really do what they say they will.

Waterproofing is a must and it is done so well. But beyond that, the attention to practicality, durability, fit and comfort is something I really admire in them.

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