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This neat fire trough stove created and made by Richard Outdoors was something I just had to try out. Quite often I am out camping and wild camping and the dilemmas on kit to carry for purpose are prevalent. Take the small and light gas burner and restricted to boiling water in the main and boil in the bag etc. When camping at sites or on small excursions, do I really need the big gas stove?

I found this fire trough stove covers a lot of bases. It is on the light end with weight, flat packs down to a good size for a rucksack pocket, plus you can choose from a variety of fuels from gas to spirit to pieces of wood you can forage for yourself in situ. This means I can cook more variety on travels but keep weight down a lot too. I shall explain more.

Weight and Carrying

flatpacked fire trough

This is one of the first things I look at, especially when wild camping. Weight and space is at a premium when heading off up a mountain to stay overnight. I never want to break my back so some things have to give, and some things need to be as light as possible.

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This fire stove is flat packed in its parts, into a neat little canvas case. This means I can put it in my rucksack side pouch instead of taking up space inside. Dimensions when packed being no more than 29 cm x 17 cm.

the parts of the stove

Made from stainless steel the weight to carry is less than a 1kg at 900 grams. I know Richard is working hard on refining the product continuously to get the weight down even further.

Using With Different Fuels

Assembly is really simple. Only takes a few seconds to slot all in position to make a good and sturdy stove. Depending on the fuel you want to use you may not need to carry all the parts either,

If you want to use gas or Trangia Spirit burners then you have a ready made shelf you can slot in the stove to hold them in the correct place.

triangia spirit burners

Simply have your meths filled burners placed in the stove and put the main grill plate on the top. Perfect for longer camping trips or when the wood around is too wet maybe. You can also use a lot of gas burners of course as well.

lighting up the fire

However, using it with twigs and or foraged wood is super simple. No carrying fuel required of course too. Simply set up the fire trough. Place the wood kindling in the bottom, light it and when the top plate is on you are quickly good to go.

wood burning fire trough

You can cook directly onto the plate at the top. Bacon? Burgers? A break from boil in the bag. I tested it too with a big frying pan and it worked great. If even staying in a tent at a campsite I would use this to cook and boil the kettle of water. No fuss. Just alight and go.

cooking on the fire trough

If you love a mini adventure in the outdoors you may come to like this bit of kit. Wild campers, fisherman, foragers, and bushcraft lovers.

fire trough assembled

Where To Find The Fire Trough

These fire stoves are made to order in Yorkshire. The creation of Richard Outdoors. If you want to charge up your cooking on camping adventures then check it out. A piece of kit that is well thought out for purpose and refined over time through feedback to get a product that people want and would love to use.

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One Comment

  1. Laurence Milton says:

    A quality, clear review for a quality stove.
    An excellent and versatile piece of kit indeed. It is beautifully and robustly made, which will inevitably have a trade off with weight, but as you say, you don’t neccessarily need to carry it all. This is shown with the new pot stand developed for the stove, which is 100gms lighter than the (excellent) original top, and lifts the bases of your pans a little higher which is better if using the trangia or gas burners…..AND gives more wood feeding options. It has become my “go to” stove because of it’s versatility, and quality.

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