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BaldHiker, founded by Paul Steele in 2010, started off as a personal travel blog sharing the walks he was taking around the world. It quickly became a way to not only show others what he was seeing, but also feeling, as well.

Over the years, the site has grown into a vibrant, active community. Paul has made friends all over the world, and they have joined him, sharing their stories and photos.

Now the website is filled with walks and travel pieces, along with articles about food and drink, helpful tips for those who enjoy everything from animals to the outdoors, clothing and hiking kit reviews, and more. BaldHiker has become a place where visitors can experience personal views on topics of all sorts while getting involved in the conversation.

The site also offers opportunities to book hikes with Paul (and his 2 dogs, Malc and Pete), and work with him and the BaldHiker community.

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If you are interested in working with Paul, the BaldHiker community, or the team please get in touch.

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