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I have recently been testing out the new T-Rex Pro from Amazfit and can say I am highly impressed. 

For a start, it is packed with features and battery life that normally come with devices at a very high cost plus it is extremely rugged and tested to withstand extreme conditions. This watch is great value for money at £139.

watch outdoors

Rugged For Adventures

This watch is certainly ready for extreme outdoor adventures. It has been tested to more extremes than I would ever need to try for sure. It has passed 15 specific military standards (MIL-STD-810G). For example temperatures ranging from -40 to +70 degrees celsius. It can also survive under water to a depth of 100 metres.

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The display is touch-screen and uses tempered glass. In my use I have found that fingerprints don’t appear either compared to previous touch screen watches I have owned. 

amazfit on wrist

The strap it comes with is also sweat proof which is handy as many fail at this point.

The screen is remarkably clear and bright too. A 1.3 inch screen with 360×360 resolution. The screen I show here is default but of course there are so many watch faces to choose from. Plus it is only one swipe up to get all your health data too.

And after all that it weighs under 60g.

ready to hike


The battery lasts up to 18 days which is great for using on long treks but also comes packed with all the sensors I could need to measure my health and workout/walking data.

Yes of course it measures your steps, calorie burn and sleep and works really well in my tests.


But packed into it is also the heart rate monitor and blood oxygen saturation monitor. Plus it can measure your stress levels. All the sensors the T-Rex Pro is packed with combine to give you feedback as required. You will know if you’re getting enough sleep or how much recovery time you should have.

The list goes on, a geomagnetic sensor, a gyroscope sensor and accelerations sensor. 

After using the watch you will start to get a personalised health score that helps you improve your activities and workout goals. This watch is a personal assistant for all manner of things that is for sure.

step counter

Notifications and navigation

The watch can relay all your calls, message notifications and you can set to receive what you require or don’t require, very easily. I found the Do Not Disturb button is also easy to navigate to.

In fact navigation is very easy to pick up on this watch. When I am on the mountains in a gale I don’t want to be messing around finding hidden menus.

Workouts and GPS

Workouts are easy to monitor. There are over 100 workout modes from running to open water swimming and surfing to skiing. 

To set up just press the select button, choose your activity, wait for the GPS signal to be found and then press GO! Simple as that.

sport modes

You can view all the stats in real time as you go or just have an overview of time and speed etc.

For GPS the watch uses 4 GPS satellite systems, GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo. This ensures your route is as accurate as possible whether following an uploaded route or creating one.

If you are one to always forget to set your watch off tracking a walk or run then the watch is smart enough to work this out and start recording for you with no input required.

Zepp App

The Zepp app is what you use to accompany the watch with your mobile phone. It is available on both android and IOS.

The app contains everything from workout and health data, sleep data to heart data. All in one place that you can peruse on a bigger screen than your watch at leisure.

zepp app stats

I found the syncing to be fast enough even when I had done two separate workouts or walks without my phone with me.

The Battery Life

With normal watch usage the watch can last up to 18 days between charges. I personally have the watch face to turn on when I raise my wrist. But you can have an ‘always on’ display too if you wish.

Of course with GPS use or heavy use the battery is used faster but even then I got almost a full week out of it which is great if you consider what it is doing behind the scenes.



With the T-Rex Pro, Amazfit has been able to pack extreme ruggedness, health and workout sensors as well as GPS/GPX use into a fantastic watch at a really competitive price too. It will take a lot of knocks when outdoors and you can take it swimming without a care. If you are looking for a hard wearing and competitive outdoor GPS watch then take a look at T-Rex Pro, you could be surprised!

As I said the current price is only £139 and can be purchased here in the UK.

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