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This year is going to be a super year of variety and scenery. I will be using my Home from Home, the Swift Select 184 Motorhome for adventures up and down the country. From mountains to coast I am now even more free to get closer to nature, with more freedom, as I take my accommodation with me.

the swift select 184

You may recall in a previous article I have already had a test run when I stayed at Slingsby Campsite in North Yorkshire. That has wet my appetite for Motorhome adventures even more this year!

As you can see above from the outside view, the Swift Select 184 is a perfect size for adventures large or small. Not too big for mountain roads but yet big enough to have lots of luxury and comfort at the end of each days walk or adventures.

And believe me, inside it is like a Tardis! The Swift Select 184 is based upon the Fiat Ducato and so much thought has been made to ensure space is used intelligently and to the max.

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inside the swift select

Let me start at the front. It didn’t take me long to get used to a longer wheelbase again. The space in the front cabin is more than generous. The pleasure of driving is boosted by the 6 gear manual transmission and 130 bhp. Definitely no slouch for the country roads and hills.

swift motorhome driving seat

You will note the soft upholstery is already used on the front seats, and that continues through. With good reason, as these seats have been made for a double use.

The driver and front passenger seats turn around a complete 180 degrees. Combined with the passenger seats behind this enables you to make the front of the motorhome a compete dining and sitting area, with a table that is stored away easily when not in use.

dining area

This area can also be turned into a single or double bed to allow for 2 double beds setup within. That is on top of the seating area/bed at the back of the van. For when I travel alone, or with say  the dog or another etc I personally find my ideal as bed always ready at the back and living/dining space at the front. Plenty of combinations to be made for personal taste and convenience.

Moving onto the middle of the motorhome you can again see how the space and living conditions have been thought of. Here you will find the cooking/worktop space on one side (cleverly storing the completion of the front double bed), and on the other side is the toilet/shower cubicle.

kitchen area motorhome

This area not only uses space well but is also a separates nicely the two sleeping areas if being used as so, with the toilet in between for access.

The toilet area doubles up as a walk in shower thanks to the plastic panelling. Lots of neat touches that help when on the road of course, hiking the fells.

toilet and shower

Opposite is the worktop. Tempered glass covers enable a large worktop by creating extra surface. But these can be lifted easily to get to the sink or hobs.

There are 4 hobs, a grill and oven, so there is no excuse for not being able to cook away from home. In fact we have found it to be an extremely good cooker indeed. I shall be showing some home from home cooking when on the road.

gas hobs and oven

Opposite this you have a very generously sized fridge. Bigger than some of the fridges I have owned at home in the past!

big fridge inside

You can see from the photos so far that the motorhome continues further on into another living/sleeping space. And again the table here is either hidden away easily or assembled in a few seconds.

As seats facing each other there is enough room for 4 to 6 people. Then to make into a double bed, just pull the seats toward each other, flatten down the back cushions and voila. A double bed that can be left up for the duration if you wish and the front end of the van used for living and seating.

motorhome bed swift

Storage is everywhere, all around the top at head height plus cupboards a plenty around the bottom of everywhere not used. There is also beneath the seats. Can never complain about packing space.

Heating. This was something that I wondered about prior to using but quite frankly it is very much a warm and cosy motorhome. Once connected to the hookup you can have the combi boiler going in seconds and it does not take any time at all to get all warm.

Windows are all double glazed of course. Plus plenty of lighting options including LED spotlights for setting a lovely evening ambience.


I have so much more to show and will have plenty of opportunity to tell you in upcoming posts from my travels around Britain this year. Where will I end up in this? Watch this space 🙂

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  1. Paul
    Great read, I’m looking at upgrading from a VW T25 with awning to one of these Swift Select 184, we are a family of 4, 2 adults 2 teenagers, and a dog, once set up for night time routine, how easy is it to let/take the dog out for a wee etc?
    Thank you

    1. Paul Steele says:

      Hi, in night routine with both front and back beds up they create barriers to both doors from the middle. I must admit I found it much easier when only the back double bed was in use

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