sunset at Golden Bay Malta

Golden Bay Beach, in the north west of Malta is one of the favourite beaches on the island, which is understandable when you see it for yourself.

Situated near the village of Manikata, and not far from the beautiful Ghajn Tuffieha Bay, you can see another reason it is popular because it is right by the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa.

malta golden bay, sand and sea

As I was staying there, right bay the bay, you look out over the balcony and ache to get out there continuously.

Being west facing It is also a perfect spot for me to enjoy sunsets, and they happen to be amazing here, more on those soon.

Social Wellness Walks

It is popular not just with people from the resort but also with locals as well as tourists coming from other parts of the island.

A Glorious Beach

The water here is turquoise and so clear. Wonderful water combining with a perfectly sandy beach.

It is surrounded by rocky cliffs and sand dunes so it is not just the sea view that captures the senses here.

It is a Blue Flag Beach so it takes a lot of pride in cleanliness and keeping it safe for visitors to enjoy. I admit there are people making sure it is clean at all times as people come and go.

waves at golden bay beach malta

The clear water and shallow sloping bay makes it perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

I was here in early Spring so although it was beautiful and sunny it was also extremely quiet. Often in the early evenings, I could go down to the sea’s edge with a drink and enjoy some quiet time, with a view, over the Mediterranean.

When not in peak season you must remember that this also is a quieter side of the island of Malta.

Golden Bay Beach seating and parasols

In the busy days you can go beyond swimming with a jetski adventure or paragliding if you wish.


Being quiet in the evenings and west facing, the sunsets at Golden Bay Beach are spectacular and almost every day it is a spectacle.

spectacular sunset at golden bay beach in malta

As the sun sets the numbers on the beach become few. Couples walking romantically hand in hand, a family having a BBQ, a person taking in the moments like me.

the setting sun, Malta

I was so mesmerised taking these photos I found myself going back the day after, minus camera, to enjoy for the moment it is, properly. The sun, the sand, the sea and the colour. Natural, calm, bliss!

Troy – The Film

If you remember the 2004 film Troy starring Brad Pitt then you will have seen this beach and area before as it was used in the filming.

You can see why it was used as a landing place in the film too, the beach, the backdrop, the cliffs and dunes all creating a perfect visual effect.

sand and sea at Golden Bay Beach


Parking is easy at Golden Bay Beach as there is plenty of parking close by.

If you want refreshments then there is a bar and places to buy food also next to the beach.

A Walk On The Cliffs Above

Top Tip: If you look up and south from the beach you will see one of Malta’s prominent old coastal towers. The Għajn Tuffieħa Tower. From the beach you can take a break and wander up to the tower and beyond. It is worth it entirely.

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