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Malta is a wonderful island for sun, food, history and relaxation. I have been many a time as you know and recently I was kindly invited to spend time in luxurious relaxation, aboard the yachts of Azure Ultra. These yachts you would think belonged to mega mega millionaires but these yachts you can own your own time for or charter yourself for a memorable experience. Enjoy Malta in a whole special way!



Malta is wonderful to explore… but what about seeing it from a whole new perspective? Every whim is taken care of. You have your own Captain and stewardess taking care of all your needs and more. Every detail on the yachts scream luxury at you, every detail, every inch.

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Why don’t you need to be a millionaire? Well you can buy your share of time, fractional cost! That way you do not buy the whole thing outright. This brings this luxurious way of travel to more people most definitely and even more luxury. From what I saw the whole thing was simply gaining lots of popularity such is the experience. People were wanting more and more now they realised.

Peggy, our wonderful host and stewardess states…

Azure Ultra is pretty much our life, and we love and are very proud to be part of such a successful team and amazing product. In a short time we have gone from strength to strength and it just keeps getting better! We have absolutely amazing guests – many whom have been back again and again. We also have many exciting ideas in the pipeline for the future, so watch this space!


There are currently three yachts to choose from all to help cater for group size and needs.. It is beyond just time on a yacht.. water sports? snorkelling? scuba diving? dining experience? sun lounging on open deck with a glass of bubbly? You can find a lot more information and details of fractional ownership or charters on their website.

We had an amazing time aboard all the boats and had our taste of luxury yachts on Malta….. Bring on more 😀


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