Malta – Marsaxlokk, the colourful fishing village

It was lunchtime, the sun was out high above, and it was time to head for Marsaxlokk. A beautifully colourful fishing village in the south east of Malta. Immediately upon arrival you are struck by the colours on the water, the varied colours of the many luzzu (local fishing boats). A wonderful sight for the eyes on the beginning of a walk around this lovely bay.

Malta - Marsaxlokk, fishing boats
green fishing boat

As you walk along the seafront you have the turquoise water, boats gently bobbing up and down on your one side, directly on the other you have the mix of market and seafood restaurant. This is a popular little place indeed, especially for those wanting to taste the morning catch… in the sun.. by the sea. Lampuki (what the little coloured luzzi are mainly for) is the local feast that the village is popular for but swordfish, tuna, octopus and more is all there, fresh and delicious.

waterfront in Marsaxlokk
swordfish for lunch

After a good feast it is of course the perfect place to wander along the front some more or maybe to sit and watch the world go by 🙂

dining view in Marsaxlokk
blue fishing boat in Marsaxlokk

Wander more, see more! And always nice to wander away from the sea front and to take a look at the village itself. There are some beautiful buildings that add more magic to the colour here. One or two building standing out amongst the crowd of course, including the beautiful church.

church in Marsaxlokk
architecture of Marsaxlokk

And of course the market that runs along the front is more than just fish. With tourism comes souvenirs and clothes, but you can find a whole range of other local foods from jam and honey to vegetables. Sunday is the proper big fish market day.

the market

Looking back at the colour of the boats you will see many of them have eyes painted at the bow. An ancient custom that has carried forward to today, said to protect the fisherman from evils at sea. It is great also to see that even though tourism has come bounding over time to this corner of beauty, the boats remain for purpose, fully in working, catching the tasty dishes rather than fun rides and eye candy.

bigger fishing boat
Marsaxlokk and sea boats blue

Alas, it was time for me to move on to a new Maltese gem. I shan’t forget though the remarkable tasty fresh lunch surrounded by colour and sunshine, at Marsaxlokk.

Malta - Marsaxlokk, the colourful fishing village

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  1. FlyCheaper says:

    I was there. Amazing place.
    BTW Malta is awesome. Mdina, Rabat, Valetta… I love!

  2. wellwood arms says:

    There is the most fantastic restaurant right on the water front the chef worked in England for a while great memories with our friend Andrew Meli from Golden Sands

  3. Glamorous Glutton says:

    I’ve only been to Gozo, not Malta. Looks like I should have stopped off! Love the photos. GG

    1. Paul Steele says:

      you should have 🙂 Thank you

  4. Alessandra Bigiarini says:

    Bellissimo il mercato della domenica mattina, un tripudio di colori e sapori!

  5. I have never been in Malta, but it looks fantastic! amazing pictures!
    thank you

  6. Like what you’re seeing in Malta – great shots!

    1. Paul Steele says:

      Thanks Maria… more to come 🙂

  7. says:

    Beautiful pics! Malta is amazing! CU in Malta!

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