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It was time to catch the train this time heading further South from Hamburg to Germany’s capital, Berlin. A city that has been transformed so much over the years and still continuing to do so. Every time I visit the city landscape has changed with improvements and new buildings, yet it always manages to keep its huge diversity of culture. This really is a city for the young and old. First we checked into the next of the Generator Hostels on this flying trip around Europe. And it was one of the newest, Berlin Mitte, right in the heart of things.

check in art Generator Hostel Berlin
check in desk Generator Hostel Berlin

What a great time to arrive it was. Happy Hour! Great German beer on the go to set us up for the evening. The first taste of a very multicultural time in this wonderfully multicultural city. The very chirpy and great humoured bar staff, one from Berlin.. one from.. Hull! The atmosphere was fantastic. It was a Champions League night. Big screens where situated all over showing games for wherever you had travelled from. Lots of banter for me being a Man Utd fan.. and we were playing a German team. I could see the hostel bar was a place many locals came to as well, the atmosphere and the bar cuisine to go with it had given it a great reputation already.

bar and food snacks at Generator Hostel Berlin
lounge area

As with all the Generator Hostels so far and to come the design was spot on with its own twist. Art is a huge thing in Berlin, in fact more than huge. From the wall graffiti to the architecture young and old the natural large art community at all levels is a must see here. That continues within the hostel with great effect. The murals of the chain with a Berlin twist. The main image up top here of a corridor wall is art from a local artist who made his name painting the Berlin wall, Thierry Noir. Actually as we went along, one of the first things we looked out for upon entering each hostel on the journey was the wall art. So much great local talent has gone into each place. 

wall art berlin
seating area of Generator Hostel Berlin

Of course, Berlin is to be explored, and over the next couple of posts we will show just a few of the great spots within easy reach of the hostel. Only a few minutes walk one way you come across the rich architecture of the museum island with The Dom behind, leading to Alexander Platz. The other way within 20 minutes you can be at the Brandenburg Gate or learn and reflect at the Holocaust memorial. Public transport can take you very far also within little time.

Social Wellness Walks
museum island Berlin
walkway columned Berlin
a garden of museum island Berlin
holocaust memorial Berlin

Very fond memories are in my mind for this stop. The super staff, the great vibe, and the variety to explore all around. Be it day touring or nightlife. Really is a hostel with a difference.

leather seating
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