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It is time again to take you on another journey via a gem of a friend on social media. I cannot wander everywhere at once of course but the last few weeks I have been following the steps of Martina Kaut in the beautiful white winter setting of The Black Forest. It is a joy to see her zest for getting outside and taking a walk in all weathers. There is beauty every day out there if willing to go see. Having lived in Northern Germany for much of my life I have affection for the country however, unfortunately I never got South as much as I would wish and only saw parts in Summer. Without further ado I will pass you on to Martina for a lovely winter story through The Schwarzwald……

From The desk of Martina……

“Black Forest“ …a name full of associations, obviously mostly evoking positive reactions all over the world. The main part extends North to South – from Karlsruhe to Basel and Lörrach. Some find it is only a touristic attraction; to some it´s a land of clichés such as Black Forest Gateau, smoked ham, cuckoo clocks and the Bollenhut ( a flat round hat with red or black woolen bobbles, only worn in Gutach and Kürnbach), but to me …. it means so much more!

Winter Magic Of The Black Forest 2

Winter Magic Of The Black Forest 3

I live in the southern part, in Furtwangen ( known for the clocks museum) – near the Feldberg (1493m/4898 ft) … As a child I never thought I would ever leave this gorgeous place, but I left for several years and lived in north Germany (Hamburg). Oh how I missed this beauty of a landscape and so many things more… Now that I´m back again, I enjoy every moment more intensive then ever before!

Winter Magic Of The Black Forest 4

I live and breath this land with passion. I walk trough the woods and trough the fields as often as possible,for miles and miles, with or without walking poles, but mostly with my old simple Digi-Cam – tell myself stories and fairy tales with each pic I take from the landscape around me. And I absolutely love to do this on sunny winters days! (Who wouldn’t)? A picture captures the moment and then it turns it into a visible memory.

After days filled with pure normal everyday life an escape into the nature of the forest. It seems like a fairy tale world, every single tree wrapped in a thick white layer icing, just waiting to enchant any visitor.

Winter Magic Of The Black Forest 5

My path leads me past an old tower in the fairy tale landscape and I wonder “Was the tower – in which Rapunzel was trapped in – also dominated by white *tree soldiers*?  There´s an absolute silence around me. The interplay of light and shadow, from bright glittering snow and dark cotton-covered trees exerts a very particularly fascination on me. “Come in and conquer me … I can show you many miracles … you just have to permit it!”

Winter Magic Of The Black Forest 6

Hidden behind snow covered fir trees one can imagine a populated area. And yet, in the distance one sees the dark forest, shaping the horizon like a massive black wall.

Winter Magic Of The Black Forest 7

On top of the hill, the prospect of further enchanted magical worlds is virtually inexhaustible. Wherever I turn my gaze I feel as free as a bird, and take it all in.

After a day gaining energy in my wonderful Black Forest , just outside the front door the landscape is waiting for athletic action …

Winter Magic Of The Black Forest 8

I can face the normal daily routine again totally relaxed. And I’m already looking forward to the next walk.

Social walks with baldhiker

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  1. Abu Sayed says:

    Just amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Amazing photos, thanks for posting!


    1. Martina Kaut says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Grace …
      indeed, it´s the most beautiful place in the world ( to me 🙂 )

  3. Deena Mary Jones says:

    The Black Forest swathed in pure white snow and ice like diamonds sparkling is so amazing. Thank you for sharing the photos for the enjoyment of those who cannot travel far. Keep up the good work.

  4. Mary Gerdt says:

    Great article and photos!

  5. Having grown up in the coastal city of Mumbai in India, snow has always fascinated me. There’s something fairy tale like about it.
    And Black Forest looks absolutely stunning in the snow. It has always been on my bucket list, and now am so tempted to someday visit it in the snow (along with the rest of snow covered Europe).
    Not sure if I can handle the cold, though!

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