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After the delights of Copenhagen it was time to fly a little southwards to a German city that is close to my heart, Hamburg! I lived not too far from Hamburg for many years when I was younger so not only was it a chance to return for a short visit but also to see some parts I may not have already seen perhaps. It is such a vibrant and varied city. Bringing culture and variance to all ages. It was also time to experience the second Generator Hostel of the trip.

big G Generator Hostel Hamburg
seating Generator Hostel Hamburg

Generator Hostel Hamburg was the first chance for me to sense how the whole idea of the fresh, great designed modern hostel chain had managed to keep a brand identity whichever one you are at yet each has its own uniqueness and style. A marvellous achievement that I will be showing more as we travel around Europe here. Situated right across the street from the main railway station one way and the main bus station the other you can see it is perfect for dropping off the bags quickly to enable you to rest or explore!

from outside Generator Hostel Hamburg
crazy lighting in Generator Hostel Hamburg

It was late and the bar was in full swing when we arrived so it was a case of checking in quickly and seamlessly and walking in the next room for that needed and excellent German beer! Looking around I could see yet again on the first floor the spaces, nooks and crannies catered for any travellers needs. Quiet areas, soft chair relax areas, group table areas and a bar area with everything you want from a funky German bar and much more. All done in the unique Generator style. Groups of all ages where here. School groups, couples and backpackers from all around the world had come to use this as their base to exploration of this wonderful City.

entertainment Generator Hostel Hamburg

You can see from the price list above that the bar can be a popular place… especially at happy hour!

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food bar- Generator Hostel Hamburg

As ever there is the cafe that is way beyond the usual basics of a hostel. Fresh pastries and rolls together with an array of drinks. It would have been rude not to take advantage of some great german meat whilst here 🙂

room corridor Generator Hostel Hamburg
dining area

In the next post we will show some of the history and views that await within only a few minutes walk. Of course, Hamburg really should be explored deeper in every direction and I highly recommend it for a city break as the more times I visit, the more I find, even after 20 years! Night life, the old city, historic buildings, monuments, cafes lining wide cobbled streets. A famous fish market, wide open gardens, riversides, lakes and of course the Reeperbahn. That is only to name a few. See you out there!

modern seating inside
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