Dufton Pike – Little Hill With Miles Of Beauty

It was a nice day, was sat drinking a coffee in the garden. I looked around and saw my boots, I looked up and towards the Pennines and put both together on a whim… as I do.

Dufton Pike was standing tall there ready to be walked up. A wonderful walk that can be done quickly and a good climb for all standards of hiker and rambler.

One of the great benefits of when I was living in the Eden Valley, Cumbria is that I was spoilt for choice. This gorgeous landscape of a wide valley is surrounded by outstanding beauty in all directions.

The Lake District a few miles west, the Northern Pennines rising in the East, The Howgills appear when looking South, giving way to the Yorkshire Dales and of course Scotland’s border not far North. Alas I digress, this fine day I had a few hours daylight to enjoy.

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view of eden valley
Dufton Pike Eden Valley

When thinking of Cumbria, many only think of The Lake District. Of course the mountains and lakes are incredible and a favourite haunt.

But this side of Cumbria, on the other side of the M6, gives rise to views, nature and lanscapes that would give any area of beauty a run for its money.. Maybe thanks to the fact so many tourists turn left from up the motorway to the Lakes then those that know this side of Cumbria have the calm and beauty to ourselves.

Just a couple miles North of Appleby I had reached the small car park in the picturesque and historic village of Dufton.

Quiet and colourful like stepping back in time. A great village green surrounded by buildings dating back to the 17th Century. One thing you cannot miss is the cone shape of Dufton Pike rising up behind.

Dufton village

The circular route from the village centre is perfect for those with only a couple/few hours or if you like to wander there are so many ways to go here and for variety too.

The path soon has you heading towards one side of the pike, the steep southern side. Now then, here is where the geological anomalies show themselves up close in the views.

Behind the Pike sits the high Pennines with Cross Fell etc stretching way North and South, all granite and limestone. Dufton Pike sits at the bottom edge in the dramatic cone shape, it is not alone.

If you look in the North/South Line you will see a couple more coned pikes all lined up. Other conical shaped hills like Murton Pike.

This is not granite or limestone, this is very ancient volcanic rock a la central Lake District type. An ancient fault in the earth is the small dell of a gap between these unique peaks and the Pennines themselves.

tree lined path
white fluffy cow head
Dufton Pike to murton pike

Up and up the steep side you go, legs getting a good little workout, the Autumn fresh air getting the lungs going, before you know it you are at the top! And, wow, the view was more spectacular than I thought it would be.

A place to sit, a place to look out in wonder. The Eden Valley stretches out below, a great wide green valley of rolling fields. Its backdrop, the Lake District. I actually sat there longer than normal even for me. Savoured every minute.

Dufton Pike summit
the expanse of the  Eden Valley

Even the hounds came along on this, they enjoyed the rest too. However their backdrop here in the distance of Blencathra would be quite a bit too much for them 😉

the dogs on the hill

So, it was time to head down, but down the other side. It leads into a gorgeous dell of fruit trees and streams. Plus the occasional mud bath for the dogs. We all loved it though. Down the streams, through the woods and back to Dufton Village.

small hill Eden Valley
Dufton Pike Eden Valley
Dufton Pike tree
Dufton Pike looking back up

What a whim, what a day.. Refreshed for a new week. Thank you nature.

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  1. I am in love with your dogs.

  2. Jill Durnford says:

    I live just a few miles from Dufton and have done the walk around the Pike many times – so why have I never made it to the top?! I’ll be remedying that next week I think… Lovely photos – you certainly had a cracking day for it 🙂

    1. Paul Steele says:

      Hi Jill, enjoy and thanks.. Yes I keep looking at it myself from home and will be back myself 🙂

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