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This circular 5 and a half mile walk from Near Sawrey, along the lanes and then along the shore of Windermere, was a delight.

Even better was the fact I didn’t need to worry at all about driving or parking due to the fact I was staying in the heart of Near Sawrey at Ees Wyke Country House. The walk is done straight from the front door.

Setting Off

As I say, I set off myself, simply heading out of the drive of my accommodation at Ees Sawrey. But Near Sawrey is a lovely little village and cannot get lost around the pace so the start is best described by heading out along the B5285 in the direction of Far Sawrey.

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Hill Top

Before you even leave Near Sawrey you pass by a house with historical interest. On the right hand side is the home that was Beatrix Potter’s, Hill Top.

Now owned by the National Trust it was the first home that Beatrix Potter bought in the Lake District. Purchased in 1896 and it was second home she escaped to when coming and going from London.

13 of her books were inspired from and written here at Hill Top in Near Sawrey, for example Jemima Puddleduck.

Onwards To Far Sawrey

After leaving Near Sawrey, the walk follows a small path beside the road. After a few hundred metres you enter a field with the church of St Peter ahead at the far end of the field. Head straight towards it.

st peters church far sawrey

The path will have taken you a sort of bypass around Far Sawrey (love the place names around here). Like its sister village, Far Sawrey is pretty, nestled within the fields, trees, and hills.

view of far sawrey

Once you reach the church you come upon a narrow lane. Turn right and head down it. It is a very quiet lane and even though it heads toward the Windermere Ferry it is not the main route for all the main traffic.

At the T Junction turn left along a new land and after a few hundred metres the road will bend left. At this point take the stile into the fields on your right.

tree reflection on windermere

Walk Along Windermere Shore

After passing over the style you cannot miss the shoreline of Windermere in front of you. Remember we are on the quiet side of the lake too! Across from the hustle and bustle of the big tourist areas you get this stretch of shoreline pretty much to yourself.

Nature all around, the lapping of water by your feet, birds and nature enjoying the water, with views upon views, even on a cloudy day like it was for me.

bird on windermere

In fact, from the lake here, the section along it and all the way back to the start, I only met 2 other people. It was so peaceful.

You keep walking keeping Windermere on your left and remember to keep stopping to enjoy the waterscape views.

dead tree windermere

Rawlinson Nab

Eventually the shoreline leads into a wooded area that protrudes out into the lake. This is Rawlinson Nab. This would be the perfect place for your picnic or flask of coffee stop. There is a bench that looks directly south down the remaining length of Windermere.

rawlinson nab bench

No matter the weather, this is just the spot to relax, look out over all the nature before you, and recollect yourself. A beautiful spot.

Variety Beckons

So far we have had villages, church, lanes, lake, history and we are only have way around. There was more to come.

A short while after Rawlinson Nab the path rejoins a narrow road. Turn right along it and after a few hundred metres you will see Cunsey Farm on your right. Directly opposite the farm, turn left along a track. For now, you are in forested land.

forest track

The scene suddenly changes for variety for sure. You go along the forest track straight on until you end up beside a Cunsey Beck where you turn left and follow the path beside it.

The forest has now turned to woodland. The water flowing down beside you and another historical interest spot appears.

Cunsey Forge

Look closely within the trees and you see signs of earthworks. This is some of the remains of Cunsey Forge. A post medieval iron working complex.

cunsey forge

During the 17th and 18th Century local iron that was mined locally was brought here to be heated by charcoal and turned into a spongy material of iron ore and waste. Then in another section over an anvil the waste product was hammered away creating wrought iron. This could then be used or sold for making iron objects.

Up The Lanes To Finish

At the end of this path you come back to some lanes. Turn right along the road and then right again at Eel House. You can’t miss the quaint house on the corner.

Continue up the narrow lane and at the next T Junction you cannot miss Near Sawrey and the finish point ahead by turning right.

view of near sawrey

Route Details and GPX

Distance: 5.5 Miles

Download the GPX – Near Sawrey – Windermere Walk

Start/Finish Point: Ees Wyke Country House, Near Sawrey

Postcode: LA22 0JZ

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