A March For Men - A Walk Of The River Lune

It was a very cold and fresh November morning, but that was not going to stop us. Today was the day that we were off, as a group, taking on the 17 miles of the River Lune from Kirkby Lonsdale to the end of the river in the centre of Lancaster.

We were walking for a purpose, we had organised our own MarchForMen in aid of prostate Cancer. To take on a walking challenge to raise awareness and funds for Prostate Cancer UK. At the end of this post are detail for organising your very own challenge with all your friends, family and others taking part.

It all began, very early at Devil’s Bridge, Kirkby Lonsdale….

start at devils bridge kirkby lonsdale

Rusty was raring to go, we were all raring to go! In the pic above I was joined by Paul Taylor, Rusty Boy himself and my mother, whom, without going into much detail, is superwoman. She was fighting her own illness earlier this year and for her to complete this whole walk is incredible!

Social Wellness Walks

My dad and more avoided cameras and we respect that but they tackled the miles and raised for charity in so many ways via this walk.

And without further a do, we were off. 17 miles to go.

walking with dog

Rusty leading the way. That is the thing with dogs. He probably thought he was getting a usual Saturday morning walk. He did not know, but he certainly has the stamina.

Until, that is, we hit the stiles. He can jump, scramble, run and chase all over any terrain, but give him a stile and he needs a little assistance bless him.

footbridge on the lune

We talked a lot en route about why we were here. Did you know that Prostate Cancer is diagnosed for 1 in every 8 men in the UK? it has actually overtaken Breast Cancer to be the third largest cancer killer in the UK.

Prostate Cancer UK is working hard to stop this cancer being a killer. They are doing this by making radical and positive changes to diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and support.

dog leading the way

Following the River Lune was not as flat or as good underfoot as you might think? You could see it floods often, eroding any path that was on steep banks. Plus in parts it is rarely used so the undergrowth makes it tough going indeed!

Every now and then we came out at an opening or landmark to take in some views back or forwards down the river.

bridge at Caton
happy walk

Rusty had realised by this point that this was no ordinary walk. So if we stopped for pics, he plonked himself down fast 🙂

walk by the river lune

After, around 17 miles and a short day sunlight wise, we saw the City of Lancaster up ahead. The legs and feet of everyone certainly felt like they had done something. The sunset made a perfect timing at our end point just as the sunrise had at the start.

Lancaster Lune sunset

What a day. Teamwork, fun, smiles, memories and thought provoking scenes all for a great cause. Thank you once again to all who donated as we did the miles. We really appreciate it.

Organise Your Own March For Men

How would you like to organise your own #MarchForMen for 2019? A mountain? A trek? Take on a challenge and get others involved?

Take a look at Prostate Cancer UK Website for details on how you can do it. The team there are amazing at helping you in any way they can.

Thousands of walkers have taken part in a March For Men so far, raising much needed funds. If you are able, then go for it. A day spent well and a challenge completed.

Even Rusty enjoyed 🙂 And he says thanks too.

happy dog Rusty
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