roddlesworth reservoir from above

The walk around Roddlesworth Reservoirs is a fantastic walk for all dog walkers and families or those who simply want a walk filled with great woodland and water scenes. A 2 mile circuit that can easily be extended to as long a walk or day you wish. I ended up doing a lot more myself to get myself immersed in this beauty spot that was lovely to discover.

Of course, with Malc loving his water and woods, it was perfect for him.

Roddlesworth reservoir in the water

The reservoirs are situated a few miles south of Blackburn and west of Darwen. A great place to park for the walk is at the Roddlesworth Information Centre car park which if heading down from Blackburn, down Tockholes Road and through Tockholes itself. You will find a car park and a pub. Great for refreshment afterwards. Or before if that takes your fancy.

Before you even get to the water there is a wonderful green woodland to pass through and the greenery continues a plenty all the way around. From the car park, cross the road and you are straight into Roddlesworth Woods, Tockholes Plantation.

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paddling in the wooded streams

If your dog likes exploring amongst trees or in rivers and streams then it really is worth exploring the woods. There are well laid paths heading in all directions. There is also the ruins of an old manor house and out buildings, taken over by nature.

walking through Roddlesworth woods

After exploring the first set of woodland it was time to head toward the reservoirs themselves. The treeline got thinner and the view of the reservoir ahead looked stunning, framed by the trees.

the water beyond the trees

This first point is Higher Roddlesworth Reservoir. It was a sunny and warm day so the blueness of the water really shone. From here the choice is yours, clockwise or anticlockwise. Very Alice in Wonderland. I went left and clockwise.

The path is very well identified as you go, with true woodland walking but with a clear view of the water by your side.

jetties into the water edge

Plus, every now and then there is plenty of opportunity to get right by the waterside and enjoy the calmness of the water and the sunshine. Like your own little private beach. Great for picnics etc.

It did not feel like your normal reservoir walk in the north of England. A lot can be open and more industrial. This really does feel like a beauty spot.

scenic reservoirs surrounded by trees

Squirrels dart around, up and down the trees in each direction plus overhead and swooping down on the water there is a great variety of birds including Black Headed Gulls.

Black headed seagul

Before too long you are at the second reservoir, Lower Roddlesworth Reservoir. Again with a rich variety of woodland and I did feel all getting quieter and quieter as if it was escapism. Quite remarkable for a place that should be busy due to its accessibility and closeness to towns really.

From the end of this next reservoir you can choose to wander wherever you wish again. Maybe carry on to Rake Brook Reservoir? Only a few hundred metres away. Or swing round the bottom and back along the woodland on the other side of each reservoir. The woodland on this side id again filled with rich colour and nature.

good paths around the reservoirs

It really is worth exploring off the track onto the waters edge to get a view across the water. It was wonderful to see the reservoirs themselves in differing shades depending on my position, the suns position and of course the little beach type coves were perfect for getting out the flask of coffee.

perfect circular family or dog walk

Remember, when you get back to where you met the reservoir you can explore plenty more of Roddlesworth Woods!

Malc loved this place, every minute of it. A perfect Lancashire dog walk this was. No rush, as many miles as we wished plus plenty of water to splash around in. I found a huge bonus was it can be off lead all the way if you wish.

If you are in Lancashire and looking for a day of leisure, water, and woodland all in one, head to Roddlesworth Reservoirs. Enjoy!

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  1. Stuart Forster says:

    I love the photos of Malc that you post over on Instagram. As a regular hiker over in the north-east of England I hope we can soon travel further west to experience this.

    1. Paul Steele says:

      Hi Stuart, thanks! yes I am so eager to get back out and about like you 🙂

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