A Gyrocopter Flight Over The English Lake District

Wow! Yes, a word I kept saying over and over again during what I can describe as an emotional and exhilarating experience. Anyone that knows me personally or via here on BaldHiker will know that I love the Lake District and spend many a day here wandering valley and fell.

But to get up in the sky above it at such a level and with such freedom leaves memories beyond imagination. Up to the North of the Lake District, just off the A66 with Blencathra in full sight, sits the hamlet of Berrier. Amongst all the pastures and fields sits the airstrip to adventure. The Gyrocopter experiences with Roger Savage.

Taking off on a Gyrocopter Flight

When I arrived I saw the Gyrocopter, bright red and ready 🙂 When I posted the ‘live’ pic on my Twitter feed on the day many of you said things like “Where’s the lid”? etc. I can tell you that this is not a helicopter as such and provides so much more of a great experience in my opinion.

Roger gives his briefs so well and I doubt anybody would feel uneasy prior to take off. To see that you are sat with no cover (the windshield keeps you warmly protected from any force of moving through the air) plus you soon realize it is really far removed from a helicopter.

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The propeller you see at the rear gives forward thrust, the blades above are not powered by motor but naturally turn with aerodynamics when the air pushes up through them. Creating something very stable and easy to operate indeed. Calmed and briefed I was so excited to get airborne!

paul steele with Roger Savage
getting a briefing pre flight
ready for take off in Gyrocopter

The take off down the airstrip in the field is short and fast…. Here we go, up and away!

A Gyrocopter Flight Lakes

Within seconds the wow factor starts. Flying at about 100 miles per hour only a few hundred feet from the landscape below. We headed to the first fell. On the summit was a hiker with his dog. Roger turned in and the hiker and I waved to each other with smiles. Skimming low just hundreds of feet from the summits of mountains and hills, or heading low through the centre of a great lakeland valley. It gives you a feeling that you never want to end. Yelps of excitement cannot be hidden. Over the first fell and.. there, right before your eyes, laid out like a welcome carpet of beauty is Ullswater, one of the most beautiful lakes in Britain. Never seen by many from this northern angle never mind altitude. Views of great and favourite mountains like Helvellyn too in your eyeshot. Being unrestricted in the gyrocopter the panoramas are absolutely immense. Look at this shot Roger has of coming over to Derwentwater from Borrowdale.

Flying over the lakes

I was here with the BaldHikerTV crew as we are featuring this experience on an upcoming video to be seen soon on Visit Britain.

Roger has passion for flying his gyrocopters. I doubt he could ever wane of excitement himself no matter how many times he goes up. A quick afternoon time out can see him fly over all the Lake District, maybe take in Windermere, Wastwater, Morecambe Bay or a flight along Hadrians Wall and come back low over the Pennine peak tops.

Roger loves to share, and once you have met his passion and experience combined with being up in the air with him, you will know why he offers these amazing excursions in the sky.

I personally highly recommend that if you have the opportunity then take it. You will love it truly. Just look here at some of the views from his eyes recently. The Lake District as can only be seen this way….

lake district view from Gyrocopter
The English Lake District from above
flying over the lake district mountains

Gain memories, gaze at wonders, experience the thrill in a stunning and beautiful setting. These experiences can be taken by yourself and can be found at Roger’s website with lots more pictures and interaction on his Facebook Page. I shall be back in the air soon with him too, no doubt about it.

happy landing
coming in to land
A Gyrocopter
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  1. Thank you for a most delightful birthday present Paul…….

  2. I love these pictures – what a fantastic experience. I can’t imagine having the courage to try it 🙂 but perhaps a glass of wine could convince me to change my mind.

    It is on my wish list. Thank you for these wonderful photos!

  3. Mary Hartley says:

    I would like to buy a flight in the lake district for my husband. Please could you let me have details of cost, dates available ect.

    1. Paul Steele says:

      Hi Mary.. I tried to send you an email with details to ask for info. Did you get it? 🙂

  4. Insurance Services of America says:

    I would LOVE to do this. I think I would get scared beforehand, but would really enjoy the experience once i was up in the air. What a great memory!

  5. That looks amazing Paul, great photos.
    I love the Lake District, one of my favourite places in England.
    Thanks again for the follow on Twitter.
    Have a good weekend. 🙂

  6. Jill London says:

    I think you were incredibly brave personally 😉 but what an amazing treat you were rewarded with 🙂 Lovely pictures Paul

    1. Paul Steele says:

      Thanks so much Jill.. It is nowhere near as bad as it looks.. It is safe and amazing 🙂

  7. Karen Dunleavy says:

    So cool, Such a cute little flying machine.

    1. Paul Steele says:

      Hi Karen, thx.. It is great! 😀

  8. Joyce Cherrier says:

    What an experience Paul! The photos are beautiful. I have to say, it looks a little scary (where’s the lid made me laugh)but now that I read what it was like, I’m tempted to give it a go!

    1. Paul Steele says:

      You would love it Joyceeee 😀

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