Morecambe Bay – Shades Of The Setting Sun

Morecambe Bay – Shades Of The Setting Sun

For a number of reasons I venture oft to the vicinity of Morecambe Bay and the surrounding towns. Be it along its northern shore near Ulverston or Barrow-In-Furness or round below the Lake District in the areas of Carnforth, Lancaster and the town of Morecambe itself.

This day today was one of those gorgeous days that I knew would end well. Blue, calm skies turning to dusk as the sun set out in the bay due West. Time for a coastal stroll.

Morecambe Bay Sunset
Morecambe Bay at dusk
sun setting on the bay

The Morecambe and surrounds I remember from childhood memories (roller coasters, tacky promenade, seaside town like Blackpool’s little sister) has been transformed into a more quiet, green, serene coastal area. Parallel to the coast up around Carnforth and Grange-Over-Sands there is the most peaceful and green canal walk that as a dog walker I have trundled many many a mile along with pure satisfaction. The coast itself too is a joy to wander along. Sands, mudflats and green hard grass for miles and miles. Caravan sites dotted along the front sit as a special secret to all whom discover.

bird and sunset
red skies and sunset over the sands

The bay itself is where I came to watch today. The bright red/orange sun coming down over the water, sand and distant land of Cumbria. I love these times of reflection. Alone, calm, nature’s beauty before me. What else could I want? All this on our very own doorstep, no need to fly thousands of miles or drive down South.

a golden seaside Sunset

I will be wandering this area a lot as ever over the coming months and will go into more detail on a few personal hikes that I cannot wait to do again… Lovely Lancashire.

Written by Paul Steele

Paul is the founder and Editor of the site. An avid hiker and trekker. Travel, adventure and photography are passions that he combines to make his articles here. Likes to see the positive in everything.


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    • What utterly beautiful images of an utterly amazing part of the world. I feel so blessed to be living here. Every day is a photographers/artist dream. Your photos capture the true colour of peace and tranquillity!

  1. Well, I’m very happy that you retweeted this because I missed it first time. My hometown is Blackpool, so I knew Morecambe pretty well at one time (best memory seeing it through a veil of heavy sea mist having been lost at sea in the fog which descended from nowhere, and cadging a tow from a passing fishing boat!….we should have been in Fleetwood.) You do make it look much more beautiful than I remember. My dad still lives in Kendal, so I think next visit I must make time to return to Morecambe.

  2. I really appreciate the man who took these pics.
    Haven’t seen anything this beautiful lately…………….

  3. Great photos. I have a good work colleague who lives with virtually the same unobstructed view! You must have been at the end of his garden when you took these! LoL

  4. somehow you make Lancs look as appealing as the med:) – your comments remind me of my mother who was horrified by my plans to holiday in Greece – claiming we have everything right here in England -she has a point!

  5. Words cannot express how amazing this pictures are. Amazed and memorized looking at them. Thank you Paul.

  6. What a wonderful world, we might not have the priviledge to see but paul has made it simple by pix. Paul ur too much!!

  7. Wow, truly stunning. We’re a bit deprived of sunsets in this country but when we do get them they are world-beaters.

  8. Now even the sun is taking direction from you! Beautiful. Inspiring. Magical. Thank you, Paul.

  9. You always seem to capture the beauty that we often overlook in life! Thanks for letting us see through your eyes, what we might have missed!

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