Castle Crag – Bounding Up To Borrowdale Beauty

It was a beautiful day in the Lake District. A perfect day for walking. I needed another walk as it was the morning having just come down from sunrise at the top of Helvellyn. My mojo was high and the body and mood had a feeling of wanting more. The sun was out and a smaller climb was in order. One I knew would give me a perfect spot to sit, think and enjoy the immense views all around. I knew where I was heading…. Castle Crag around in Borrowdale.

Castle_Crag_552 Castle Crag – Bounding Up To Borrowdale Beauty

This summit may only be below 1000 ft, but, there are so so many reasons wander up there. Borrowdale is arguably one of the most beautiful valleys in Britain. The peaks of the Scafell Range to the South leading down to the green green valley bottom. The wide valley heads North to DerwentWater and Keswick, however, first it squeezes past the rocky outcrop that is Castle Crag. It is so unique and wonderful that Wainwright gave it a section in his pictorial guide books. His only one under 1000 ft. Whenever I am high climbing Scafell Pike I always look back down this valley to see how from an aerial viewpoint this little summit gives a splendour to the view below as if pointing the way to the lake.

Castle_Crag_507 Castle Crag – Bounding Up To Borrowdale Beauty

Castle_Crag_509 Castle Crag – Bounding Up To Borrowdale Beauty

I parked up in the picturesque village of Rosthwaite (tip: First car park the National Trust charge a small fortune, behind it is a small car park with honesty box that is cheaper) and wandered along the river to its base. Then comes the short but steep up and up. Looking at the Crag the trees adorn it with a charm that is different  to the barren tops of the major mountains. Quite a refreshing change for a day. Due to the accessability and lowness this is a summit and view many more can attain, believe me the views are immense.

Castle_Crag_512 Castle Crag – Bounding Up To Borrowdale Beauty

Castle_Crag_516 Castle Crag – Bounding Up To Borrowdale Beauty

Nearing the top you reach the remains of the old quarries. Stones upon slabs upon stones. Zig zagging your way watching your ankles. A flat part arrives and a bizarre sight of hundreds of standing stones appears, all scattered randomly on their edges. Look at some of them closely you see the graffitied names of their erectors.

Castle_Crag_517 Castle Crag – Bounding Up To Borrowdale Beauty

Castle_Crag_521 Castle Crag – Bounding Up To Borrowdale Beauty

Then a couple more zig zags and voila… Wow, the views hit you at the top. Looking North you get Derwentwater below you, looking down Borrowdale to Keswick and standing tall and proud behind, Skiddaw. Blencathra shows itself further to the right. Behind and Southwards you have the beauty of Borrowdale. A virtually untouched green landscape that brings all the beauty and reasons to climb up into perspective.

Castle_Crag_532 Castle Crag – Bounding Up To Borrowdale Beauty

Was time to relax. Was time to chill. Was time to admire. Was time to reflect. Happy happy moments.

Written by Paul Steele

Founder of and avid hiker, climber and trekker. Never liking to sit still and always seeking new adventures around the world. Sharing personal views here and tweeting live via @paul_steele

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