A low flight over the Sibillini Mountains 1

A flight at dawn, low, over the Sibillini Mountains of Italy. Now this was a treat for an early morning indeed. Those of you that know me will be quite aware I enjoy getting up and out early. This was one of those days where that feeling was made even more special.


From a little runway in the heart of the beautiful Le Marche region of Italy, not far from Amandola, we hopped on our little plane that would take us up and around the peaks.


Within only a couple of minutes the green hills and villages of the region were a sight to behold below… with the backdrop of the mountains themselves, topped with snow, making the scene ever more remarkable.




One thing I have learnt in all the low level flights I have experienced, is that you really do get a sense of scale. You cover and can re-cover so much area but close up too, as the birds see it all. The massive mountains and the valleys laid out in all directions. The Sibillini Mountain area was such a nicely quiet area, even by mountainous standards, it felt great to be up above some wonderful European remoteness.


The Sibillini Mountains run down as the central Apennines between Le Marche and Umbria. But it is from Le Marche you get the deep and green valleys that just have to be explored. For example the Gorge dell’Infernaccio I have shown. The majority of the peaks in this range are over 2000 m just to help give some perspective. The highest being Monte Vettore standing at 2,476 m (8,123 ft).



I didn’t need this flight to let me know that I already wanted to come back to Le Marche, and do these mountains more on foot. But it sure did reinforce the idea. In my head, over and over I kept saying to myself.. “I must climb that’ or ‘Iwant to walk that valley’ etc.

Alas it was time to head back down. But that didn’t mean the wonderful sights could not be enjoyed all the way back down… Back to the green of the Italian countryside and views for miles and miles.



Landing back on the runway I asked if we could go up again…. You know what?! I will some day soon 🙂


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  1. Wow! A flight with a view like that is definitely high on my bucket list. What a stunning nature. I certainly do believe that you get a much better perspective of the scale of an area this way. Maaike

    1. Paul Steele says:

      Hi Maaike, thank you.. Yes I always love a chance to do something like this. Always wonderful to see all in perspective

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