Canada – Heli-Yoga Above The Rockies

The time had arrived to head out of Calgary and head towards the Canadian Rocky Mountains. And what a way to get a first view, by helicopter! Up and above. Not just any normal helicopter ride nor just any normal place. Heli-Yoga. Yes, that’s right, by helicopter, up to the heights for a yoga session, in nature like no other.

DSC01948_B Canada – Heli-Yoga Above The Rockies

Our choppers and pilots were ready and briefings got underway all thanks to Kananaskis Heli Tours. This was going to be fun of the highest order. Truly one of those experiences that do not come around too often. Loaded on, headsets on… Up up and away.

DSC01998_B Canada – Heli-Yoga Above The Rockies

Within minutes of leaving the ground it was time for some wow moments. Left, right and down the expanse and views are hard to describe. Here I was at last, not just in the Rockies, but getting a birds eye view. In one sweeping look around there was all to see, mountains, glaciers, great turquoise lakes and wildlife. Absolutely super.

DSC01956_B1 Canada – Heli-Yoga Above The Rockies

It was always going to be too soon to be landing as you take it all in, but, what a landing spot. On a hill up high, a clearing opening up to magnificent panoramas, our spot for a couple of hours yoga.

DSC01960_B Canada – Heli-Yoga Above The Rockies

Martha, our wonderful Yoga instructor got us all together to take it all in. All you could hear was a few birds calling. The mountains lay across in front, the trees around and below helped stage a magic natural scene. As we got underway with breathing exercises and then stretches my body started telling me I do not do yoga enough. But, I can say one thing, that this place must be one of the best places to do it. Phones off, cameras off, just the still mountain air, relaxation and calm.

DSC01962_B Canada – Heli-Yoga Above The Rockies

DSC01967_B Canada – Heli-Yoga Above The Rockies

DSC01969_B Canada – Heli-Yoga Above The Rockies

The adventures of the past few days had tightened my body up no end. Together with the jetlag I found the whole time up there to be a perfect tonic. Ssssh I sneaked a couple pics around the group 😉

This first experience in these mountains was leaving me aching for more. Martha was an absolute treasure of a person to meet. Experience beyond question. Not only could you get the heli-yoga but the heli-hikes on offer certainly strike my chord. Flying into paradise, a few days in the wilderness, escape and learn. Never fearing but welcoming the nature. With the right people like these there is never a fear of Grizzly Bears etc, just more to learn.

DSC01970_B Canada – Heli-Yoga Above The Rockies

DSC01971_B Canada – Heli-Yoga Above The Rockies

Alas, refreshed, it was time to fly back down. The helicopters picked us up, the noise of reality crept back in with a buzz. Of course there was another chance to see the views from above. What an experience indeed.

DSC01981_B Canada – Heli-Yoga Above The Rockies

DSC01997_B Canada – Heli-Yoga Above The Rockies

DSC01992_B Canada – Heli-Yoga Above The Rockies

DSC01996_B Canada – Heli-Yoga Above The Rockies

Written by Paul Steele

Paul is the founder and Editor of the site. An avid hiker and trekker. Travel, adventure and photography are passions that he combines to make his articles here. Likes to see the positive in everything.


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  1. Blimey, heli-yoga’s a new one on me. Looks pretty awesome though, it has to be said. And less chance of breaking a limb than heli-skiing, for sure. Spraining something, maybe… 😉

  2. Delighted to see you had such an awe inspiring time Paul. Yoga is marvellous anywhere but nothing beats being outdoors. You’ve just taken it to a whole different level. I’m envious!

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