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I’ve recently started to really appreciate the importance of scents in my life, I love the difference that they make to me. 

They are great for finding my inner peace, the serenity in the world, and calmness for the day ahead. They can also help me to feel more energised and productive and have a more positive approach to the day. 

There’s nothing better than a waft of revitalising lemon or orange in the mornings to get me up and going and ready for the day, and I love the smell of soothing lavender and chamomile in the evening to help me relax, and get a good night’s sleep. 

I love lighting a candle, watching it burn and breathing deeply for a few minutes. Letting the stresses of the day disappear.

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I discovered ChilliWinter, based on the Isle of Wight, to buy my candles from and haven’t looked back. They are so professional in their approach to business and have a great environmental ethic. 

The products that they use are top quality and everything is made with the highest of standards. I love the mixes of scents that they have put together and I now have a good collection of their candles, to suit my every mood.

They use 100% pure soy wax for their candles which is made from environmentally friendly, renewable resources. It burns cleaner and results in less soot. It also burns slower than a paraffin wax candle, meaning that it will last for longer. 

Did you know that soy wax is also a great fragrance carrier, that doesn’t need chemicals to enhance it?

An interesting fact: Candles apparently correspond with the fire element which is important in Feng Shui. The fire element is centred around passion, inspiration and expression and brings vitality and warmth to your personal space.

Who is ChilliWinter?

ChilliWinter is a small business based on the Isle of Wight who make high quality, bespoke, handmade Candles and Jewellery. The company is run by Kathy Chillistone ( the Chandler) and Dave Winter ( the Silversmith).

The company was set up in 2017 and now is going from strength to strength selling candles, sterling silver jewellery, reed diffusers, vegan lip balm, beard oil and handwash, amongst other lovely goodies.

They primarily sell handmade candles, but they also sell fantastic hand-crafted silver jewellery. Every piece of jewellery is individually made, nothing is laser cut or cast. Bangles, necklaces and pendants, rings and earrings all beautifully handcrafted from sterling silver.

iow earrings

My favourite piece is the hand cut Isle of Wight map earrings. They are expertly cut out with excellent geographical accuracy and precision, and totally unique which I love.

IOW Earrings - sally

ChilliWinter Ethics

ChilliWinter pride themselves on their environmentally friendly approach to business. They embrace the idea of green technology, and all things natural.

They make sure their designs and materials are sustainable, and love supporting their local community through charitable fundraising.

They put the safety and wellbeing of their customers at the forefront and are continuously working on improving their products where they can.

They offer no-frills packaging, and the packing materials they do use,  is 100% echo friendly and 100% recyclable. Product materials are ethically and sustainably sourced and produced in the UK.

No products are tested on animals and are all petroleum, lead and phthalate free and (with the exception of their beeswax products), are all vegan friendly.

ChilliWinter Aromatherapy Candles

ChilliWinter have designed 5 holistic, hand blended aromatherapy candles which are designed to help benefit your wellbeing.

They are blended with pure natural essential oils and can be ordered in 50g,150g or 400g amber jars. The 50g jars come in a handy gift set of 5 so that you can see which candles can be the most benefit to you, or you can use them separately as hamper gifts.

They are also small enough to take away on holiday with you, so that you can feel at home wherever you are, and take your peaceful sanctuary with you.

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When you purchase a 150g singular aromatherapy candle, a donation of £3.75 per candle is donated to Hospice UK. Hospice UK is a National Charity working for those who experience dying, death and bereavement.

They work for the benefit of people affected by this and collaborate with hospice members and partners who work in end of life care. A fantastic charity to support, and ChilliWinter have been in a partnership agreement with them for almost a year, an arrangement which ceases next month. In the coming weeks, ChilliWinter will announce who their next charitable partner will be, and how they will be contributing to their fundraising aims.

The Aromatherapy candles come in 5 different blends which are: 


“Enliven and awaken your senses. A naturally woody blend, infused with refreshing Eucalyptus, Spicy Bay and Clove Bud.”

I love this one as it helps to open up my sinuses and clear my head. It’s herby and exotic, warm, sweet and aromatic.

Breathe open


“Soothing Aromatic Lavender, Clary Sage, Chamomile and Geranium. Entwined with refreshing notes of Bergamot.”

Finding my peaceful moments with the aromatic smell of lavender. It’s cool, floral, spicy and refreshing.

Calm open


“Invigorating zesty Orange, Mandarin, and ripe green Bergamot. Infused with Lavender and Chamomile.

Get up and going with this floral, spicy aromatic candle. A perfect pick me up to start the day, helping you to focus and concentrate.

Energise open


“A floral heart of Lily, English Lavender and Patchouli. Harmonised by a musky base of Dead Sea Minerals, Vetivert and Cedarwood.”

Close your eyes for a minute and rest with this fragrantly floral, smoky candle which has a hint of the smell of new leather with subtle tones of freshly sharpened pencils, and fine cigars.

Rest open


“A revitalising citrus fusion for the mind, body, and soul. Blended Lemongrass, Lemon, Geranium and Litsea Cubeba.”

Rise above all the stresses of the day, with this fresh, sweet and fruity candle. It’ll awaken your senses and get you ready to achieve to your full potential. To climb those mountains, and ‘take the bull by the horns’.

Uplifting open

You can also purchase lots of other different luxury candles from ChilliWinter. They do candles for every mood, style and season: Floral, Summer, Sweet and Woody scents – plus a collection dedicated solely to celebratory occasions.

My favourites are:

Stroopwafel, which smells just like Dutch waffles freshly baking first thing in the morning. It is full of vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove.

Did you know that vanilla is said to be one of the most relaxing fragrances and many researches and studies have stated that the vanilla scent has a great calming effect?


The Apple and Cinnamon candle reminds me of the smell of freshly baked apple pie with the scents of cinnamon and nutmeg with a hint of clove, vanilla and caramelised sugar. It reminds me of cold winter nights huddled up by the fire, eating warm apple pie with custard. Yum


The Lavender and Sea Salt candle is perfect for relaxing after a long day with its lily, lavender, moss, vetivert and cedarwood.

Did you know that Vetivert is considered to be an oil of tranquillity. It’s calming on the nerves and good for balancing the emotions?


My sweet tooth loves the Thai Lime and Mango candle which is blended with fresh peach and mango and the Coconut and lime candle with milky and zesty oils mixed with bourbon vanilla. They send me back to warm summer nights, sipping cocktails by the beach.

Thai Lime

If you want something to remind you of days gone by then the Dark Honey and Tobacco Candle will transport you back to your childhood, with it’s dark tobacco leaf and honey mixed with sandalwood, tonka bean, amber and patchouli.

These are just a few of the candles available from Chilliwinter.

They also sell accessories such as handmade candle holders, candle snuffers and really super cute corked bottles of multi coloured matches ( you can get these in small or larger sizes too) .


A tip from the top from Kathy: “When you burn your candle, ALWAYS let it burn long enough for the melted wax to reach the outside of the container. If you don’t, you’ll be disappointed with the resulting ‘tunnelling’, which results in a lot of wasted wax.”

What is Aromatherapy?

The word Aromatherapy dates back to 1910 when Rene – Maurice Gattefosse, a French chemist, first used the word “Aromatherapie”. He claimed he had discovered the apparent healing properties of Lavender for the treatment of burns after severely burning his hands.

He then began to research into Essential Oils and published a book on it called “Aromatherapie: Les Huiles essentilles hormones vegetales” in 1937.

Now the word Aromatherapy is used to describe essential oils that are used for holistic and therapeutic benefits. It involves the extraction of herbs, flowers and other plants, using their essence and smell for your wellbeing. 

It is said to help to relieve Stress and Anxiety, Headaches, Migraines and Insomnia to name a few. 

It is used in traditional, alternative and complimentary therapies to help improve the health of the body, mind and spirit and to enhance emotional wellbeing. It is thought of as both an art and science. Just recently it has been a little more accepted in the medical world.

What is the history of Aromatherapy?

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years. Ancient cultures in China, India and Egypt, Greece and Rome used aromatic plant essences in resins, balms and oils for cosmetics and perfumes. They were thought to have both physical and psychological benefits.

How does it work?

The oils not only smell lovely but they can help with your mental wellbeing. They can apparently stimulate the olfactory system, the part of the brain that recognises smells. It is said that when the smells reach the brain receptors they effect the limbic system which is linked to emotions, breathing, memory and stress so the smell of the oils can have a subtle and holistic effect on the body.

What health benefits does aromatherapy have?

Aromatherapy does not cure diseases, rashes or illness, it is more a complementary therapy to support treatments.


It is to be noted that users of essential oils should be aware that “natural” products are also chemicals, and they can be hazardous if used in the wrong way. Also there are naturally occurring allergens in essential oils.

Always check the ingredients and safety labelling of products you are planning to use, and it is important to follow the advice of a trained professional when using essential oils.

They should never be ingested and can cause poisoning, even in very small amounts. Always use in well ventilated spaces, and try to use for 30-60 minutes and then break for 60 minutes.

Please be careful of fire hazards with candles and never leave candles unattended in your house. Do not leave lit candles near materials which can catch fire.

Keep out of the way of children, pets and draughts, curtains and ornaments. Always follow the safety instructions.”

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