view in the yurt from the bed at castle creavie farm

Castle Creavie Farm is one of the most special places I have ever stayed. The Galloway area is too often overlooked as a destination but I can honestly say that for me it is one of the most beautiful parts of Scotland.

Remote and away from it all, yet with so much to see and do right on the doorstep. Just within short distances from the Castle Creavie accommodation you can either be walking some dramatic cliffs or white sandy beaches, discovering a great forest, or walking in beautiful open spaces.

castle creavie yurt near kirkcudbright

Castle Creavie is only a 15 minute drive from Kircudbright and just a few minutes from the coast. And that’s just the start.

You can also discover some beautiful places, such as old fishing towns full of unique history and architecture, or learn how this area in south west Scotland inspired some creative greats in this gorgeous land’s past.

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Plus, this is a true dark skies area for stargazing. And, as Malc and Pete discovered, it’s as friendly a welcome as you could ever hope for.

Castle Creavie is more than just an accommodation. It is a place where you can immerse yourself in the whole of the area. From the wonderful hosts, to the working farm and historic land it sits on, to the attention to detail you will find in every type of accommodation offered. Quite simply, everything about Castle Creavie is grand.

The Name Castle Creavie

Castle Creavie Farm is a place where you will find nature, wildlife and farming all existing hand in hand. More on that and how you, too, can discover it soon. But first, a bit about the ‘castle’ portion of Castle Creavie.

In the centre of the farm is an elevated hill. It is not just another gorgeous Galloway rolling hill but one that was once home to an Iron Age Castle Fort.

castle creavie fort

While staying here it is well worth the short walk up to the top. You can clearly see the ancient cup marks left by humans thousands of years ago among the rocks in the middle.

cup rings at castle creavie

If you time your trip up this hill with the sunset, you will be in for a treat. Even on a cloudy evening, such as the one when we were there, the colours and scene is magical.

sunset at castle creavie

All of it is breathtaking: the iron age fort, the farm and accommodation, the sunset and the sea. It is a special spot to be in at a special time I assure you.


As I stated earlier, there is a small range of accommodation types on the farm that would suit every taste on a getaway here.

decor kite's rest at castle creavie

We were in the fantastic Mongolian Yurt, The Kite’s Rest, but you have other options, as well.

Want a 3 bedroom cottage that sleeps up to 6 and is dog friendly? Then you might consider a stay in the beautifully converted ‘Steading’. Amongst the treats here are stunning views, oak floors, and a new wood burning stove, as well as a spacious patio with BBQ to use.

Do you fancy a self contained luxury flat with a garden patio and spacious rooms? Then ‘The Cheeseloft’ is for you.

‘The Haybarn’ is another unique option available for travelers. A wonderfully converted traditional Galloway Barn that is great for family groups, or walkers or cyclists wanting a base to explore the area.

The Kite’s Rest Mongolian Yurt

Now then, the Mongolian Yurt is where we were stayed and it exceeded expectations to be frank. It is just a couple hundred metres from parking at the farmhouse to the yurt’s field, and wow! Yes, you have the whole field to yourself.

Kite's rest yurt at castle creavie

You can immediately see how this authentic yurt, combined with its positioning, provide you with the opportunity to enjoy your stay and surroundings.

Oh, and the door and the decking all face the famous sunset I mentioned earlier. Grab a drink, wrap up in one of the warm cosy sitting suits they provide, relax and enjoy the landscape and the colours.

watching sunset from castle creavie galloway

Before we go inside, did I mention that this place is also incredibly dog friendly? Malc and Pete had an amazing time too. The huge field the yurt is in is an amazing place to run and play, and it is extremely safe.

dog friendly accommodation at castle creavie near kirkcudbright

The dogs gained some terrific memories of their own, running around and playing with the dogs from the farm. Each and every one of them has quite a character themselves. It is always such a joy to see a group of dogs, running and playing together with no worries whatsoever.

dog friendly near kirkcudbright

Through the doors and into the yurt, the wow factor does not stop. The 20 foot yurt offers a unique world of luxury.

the bed in the yurt at castle creavie galloway

Where shall I start? Well the lovely and cosy wood burning stove offers a nice ambience and temperature, and the kitchen area has a well thought out array of equipment to help you feel at home. From an electric stove to all the utensils, pots and pans you may need.

kitchen area in the yurt

The decor is unique and beautifully done, all the way from the Mongolian lady whom spent hours hand painting the wood, to the Castle Creavie hosts who collected the furniture and items to add that luxury touch to it all.

ornaments in the yurt
bed made in the yurt

As I mentioned earlier, this part of Dumfries and Galloway is a dark sky area and there is a window to the sky in the crown of the yurt. Imagine those romantic evenings, lying on the king size bed, wood fire burning, looking up and seeing the stars clearly in the sky.

Then you can step outside to that glorious landscape with that immense view and take all that in as well.

Speaking of nature, you are likely to see many a Kite flying overhead as you sit on the patio. Quite an apt name for the yurt, ‘The Kite’s Rest’, isn’t it?

kites rest yurt near kirkcudbright

Within minutes of arrival we also saw 3 deer and many hares. And that was just a warm up.

The Hosts and The Farm

This accommodation review needs its own special section just for the hosts, Dan and Ciara. From the moment you arrive you are greeted with the warmest welcome. What they have done here is fantastic. They have turned their working farm into a unique blend of accommodations of all types and really created a destination.

You can feel their passion and desire for you to enjoy every minute you spend there as you speak to them. As they say themselves:

“Our home is your home.”

Dan & Ciara (Castle Creavie)

Dan was brought up here as a lad on his then parents farm, and then had his own farm in Cumbria. He came back to take it over himself along with his wife Ciara who has her roots in Ireland.

Their hosting doesn’t stop upon arrival and departure, no way. The couple are more than happy to help you discover more about the place but, even better, to help you immerse yourself in it and learn more if you wish.

calf at castle creavie

A tour of the farm with Dan was such an experience. He has an incredible knowledge of farming, each animal, breed, and how it all blends into the history and community. I had so many questions and he had all the answers. It was fascinating.

sheep at castle creavie galloway

As we were chauffeured around the farm off road and got to say hello to many of the animals in the huge expanse of fields.

We stopped at one big field in particularly, and I could not see what was in it. Before long, sprinting over from the far side came 3 hungry pigs ready for their breakfast.

pig at castle creavie

There were cattle of all kinds: shorthorn, longhorn and even a mixed breed to ensure hardiness throughout the cold Scottish winters. Of course there were Highland Cattle too.

cow at castle creavie galloway

If you stay at Castle Creavie then you may want to enjoy the complete escapism, and you will get that in spades. But if you want to see and learn more about the land and the farm, or the history at the castle, let Dan or Ciara know. They would love to accommodate you.


This corner of Galloway in the south west corner of Scotland near Kirkcudbright is a jewel of an area that has it all: nature, wildlife, sandy beaches, forests, hills, walks and lovely villages.

castle creavie farm and land

It is a quiet and stunning place, and the more I head in this direction the more I want to come back each time.

It is such a special place, and staying here at Castle Creavie, especially because of its hosts, help make it all the more magnificent.

We are also delighted to offer our readers a 10% discount code when booking through their site: Use BALDHIKER10

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  1. David Rankine says:

    would love to come and stay . I am in Canada. my Great grandfather Thomas Bryden owned that farm in the 1920’s

  2. Toni King says:

    Fantastic write, I want to go immediately.

    1. Paul Steele says:

      Hi there Toni, definitely worth it

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