Morecambe Bay - A Motorhome Stay and Walks

Morecambe Bay, an area I have walked many a time. Peaceful sea views all around, away from the hustle and bustle of towns, a true sense of escapism on the doorstep in Lancashire.

Also a stepping stone to some remarkable walking territories as the Lake District and the Lancashire hills and valleys.

walking on Morecambe bay sands

Since I was a child I have visited this area along with my parents. They love it so much here they spend most of the Summer in their caravan in the Morecambe Bay area now. It was Mother’s Day weekend so Jess and I set off to visit them for the weekend.

Time to get on the road in the Swift motorhome.

Social Wellness Walks
motorhome at Holgate Bay View

Upon arrival there was one thing to do… go for a good walk to stretch the legs. Well, see my parents there too of course.

In fact, why not combine them both. Where I was based was a case of literally stepping off the camp site and onto the sea front. Nobody for miles, beautiful.

morecambe Bay view

The site I came to was Holgate’s Bay View, near Bolton Le Sands, not far south of Carnforth.

It has grown and changed a lot from the days I was a young boy. Back then it was a farm called Detron Gate, where they used empty fields that overlook the bay for tourers and tents etc.

These days it is more a professional site with lots of hard standing hook-ups and facilities. Of course it is still perfectly situated to get onto the sea views. The outdoor goodness never changes.

Holgate bay View site from above

One thing I must say about walking on the beach here, Morecambe Bay is notorious for dangerous and fast high tides. Please check the tide and timings before heading out.

As you can see in these photos the water is miles and miles out but when it comes in and high it is so, so fast and the sand can sink your feet. Be careful and then enjoy.

morecambe bay marsh
walking along the marsh dunes

The views are spectacular. Of curse there is outwards to see. The pics above show the scenes up to the North with the Lake District mountains in view.

The prominent hill by the bay you can see is Warton Crag. More on that in an upcoming post. Always finding excuses to come back here see.

sunset morecambe bay

Of course! There was another day to get out with some fresh air. Jess and I slept wonderfully in the Swift and were ready to get out on a Mother’s Day walk, with my mum.

The sun appeared today too. The tide was far out and the sand was perfect for the dog to run and run on. And boy does she keep on running!

dog walk on sands
molly the dog

The beauty of just getting up and going away in a motorhome is the weekends seem so much longer and that is together with creating memories. I can feel this being a long Spring and Summer… in a real good way. We need more of this don’t we Jess?

morecambe bay from above

After chasing the ball so many times, Jess, being a working cocker spaniel, of course never truly tires out but she was certainly thirsty!

Before the sand the channels of the bay are amongst a swampy grass plain. She loves to dive in water so we let here have her fun in the grass, mud and marsh.

dog in water
the land and sea at bolton le sands

Phew! A wonderful weekend away with the added pleasure of seeing my parents and getting some beautiful miles and fresh air under my belt again.

Where shall we head to next Jess?

dog in motorhome

By the way…. I will do the driving!

New Motorhome adventures, let’s Go!

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  1. GlenSpencer says:

    I had a plot on Dons site , for a decade or 2 until he transferred to Holgates, my daughter had more pals on Detrongate than at home in Yorkshire, we used to buy lovely duck eggs on a Saturday from Dons mam ” bliss” had loads of pals ( Caravaners), plus I lost my spaniel for 4 day whilst walking across bay, Hest to Grange, ended well, ” MEMORIES”, Sooty.

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