Arnside Knott, A Circular Walk Around and Up

Arnside Knott is a quite unique and beautiful hill in the very south of Cumbria, not very high at just 522 ft (159 metres), but you can certainly get amazing views and a fantastic day of walking out of it. The variety of landscapes and nature on and around it is spectacular to say the least and a place I come back to regularly.

beautiful-arnside-knott-view Arnside Knott, A Circular Walk Around and Up

An Arnside Knott walk is filled with sandy beach views, mixed woodland, limestone and lots of greenery. Never mind the expansive views in all directions along the way.

For a start, at the top you get a superb view across the Kent Estuary to the mountains of the Lake District. Always a joy to see. A perfect example again of how a ‘little’ climb can bring big views.

looking-over-to-lakes Arnside Knott, A Circular Walk Around and Up

To make a perfect a variety filled day of it I would pick a clearer day (for the views) and another tip would be to check the tides. For here begins Morecambe Bay and when the tide is well out you have a super sandy walk around the coast to start. Which Malc and Gladys did enjoy haha.

dachshund-on-sand Arnside Knott, A Circular Walk Around and Up

Basically for me the best Arnside Knott parking is to head for Arnside village itself, early, before the crowds. There is free parking available on much of the promenade and before it. If you arrive too late you may be restricted to the one hour only spaces on the prom itself, and that won’t do you.

From here the way is simple. Follow the coast southwards. I mentioned the tide and Morecambe Bay is notorious for high tide coming in, fast! So be careful and check. But today it was well out and I could walk along the sands for miles (don’t venture too far away from coastline).

arnside-coast Arnside Knott, A Circular Walk Around and Up

If the tide is in then the path goes south in same direction but along the clifftops amongst the trees of Arnside Park.

To make the most of a circular walk you can walk along the coast all the way to Far Arnside caravan site. It is a surreal walking area as you go. A thick woodland is where land meets the beach and on a hot and quiet day you actually do feel you are away in a foreign country on a wooded beach. The woodland and expanse of sandy bay is unique in England for sure like this.

malc-in-the-sea Arnside Knott, A Circular Walk Around and Up

Malc had a blast! he loves water and loves to run and run in open spaces. he was in his element. Also this walk around under the hill lets you take in some great low level views, with Grange over Sands seemingly just a short distance away over the bay.

L1003878 Arnside Knott, A Circular Walk Around and Up

After a couple of miles exploring the coast you get to the caravan site at Far Arnside. Here is where you cut inland and walk the road through the site and Far Arnside. Keep going a few just a couple of hundred metres and you will see a public footpath sign on the left pointing to Arnside via the Knott. This is where you start to head upwards.

It is not a long climb and it is not too steep. This is what makes this walk great for all the family, you will see children enjoying this hill too.

looking-back-to-bay Arnside Knott, A Circular Walk Around and Up

Looking back you can soon see over the woods of Arnside Park and over the bay you left not too long ago. The woodland seems to change as you go along too. There is a rich variety of nature around you as I have said. It is lush and green, unlike a lot of northern England hills. Arnside Knott is also famous for being able to spot butterflies in abundance too.

woodland-walk Arnside Knott, A Circular Walk Around and Up

The paths up here go in all directions. The trig point that Malc shows you in the main image up top is actually not on the main path either. This is not a hill to get views from the very top but to explore each side of it. For as you step out of the trees you get views far and wide! Morecambe one way, Grange and the lakes another, plus eastwards you can see over to the Yorkshire Dales and Lancashire fells. A great view of Ingleborough too.

L1003928 Arnside Knott, A Circular Walk Around and Up

arnside-knott-view Arnside Knott, A Circular Walk Around and Up

From the top you can see down into Arnside and you have many options, there is a gate that allows you to head straight down through open fields. But I chose to carry on with variety and meandered back down through the mossy and thick woodland of Red Hills Wood.

malc-in-woods Arnside Knott, A Circular Walk Around and Up

Malc had tired himself out earlier on the sands bless him. In the shade of the trees he was pausing for a rest. His mind had been working overtime with all the stimulation around all day.

Gladys? She did it all and her legs kept going all day.

mossy-woods Arnside Knott, A Circular Walk Around and Up

Before long you are back into Arnside and ready for an ice cream. This walk along the coast and back over the Knott is just one of the ways you could walk the area. You could perhaps take a circular all around it? Or you could explore every direction on the hill itself. One thing is for sure, you will enjoy it I am sure. I shall be sharing more walks from this beautiful corner of Britain as I go that is certain.

Written by Paul Steele

Paul is the founder and Editor of the site. An avid hiker and trekker. Travel, adventure and photography are passions that he combines to make his articles here. Likes to see the positive in everything.

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