The Macdonald Inchyra Hotel & Spa, Falkirk

It was about time I headed back up to Scotland for some travel. A whistle stop tour of hotels and areas I have not been to enough.

The first stop was to be Falkirk and the wonderful Macdonald Inchyra Hotel & Spa. Near Falkirk, central Scotland, beautifully set in 44 natural acres.

Falkirk Hotel

The sun was out so not only was I treated to a gorgeous drive up there, the old Scottish Manor House that is now the hotel looked absolutely splendid and welcoming on arrival. This was going to be a great trip I could feel it.

The Inchyra is not only located perfectly for local must-sees such as The Kelpies or the Falkirk Wheel. Here you are right in the middle of Edinburgh and Glasgow with both only being about 40 minutes drive away.

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reception Macdonald Inchyra Hotel

On going inside the good vibe continued as the staff gave a natural warm and happy welcome.

Nothing at all was a hassle and your comfort and enjoyment was obviously a priority to them. Time to head to the room for sure and drop the bags before a wonderful meal.

bed in room

The rooms are extremely tastefully decorated and more than large enough. I actually found the beds here to be extremely comfortable with views out of the window across the estate. The bathrooms were adorned for example with creams and soaps by Elemis so could feel a touch of extra class in the air.


Now for the treat of the evening. Dinner! I had heard about its award winning Steakhouse so was raring to go and taste the delights.

Where do I start! the menu looked delicious from top to bottom but eventually settled on the starter of Stornaway Black Pudding Scotch Egg. I wasn’t let down, it was done perfectly. The mustard cress accompanying was so fresh and tasty too!

starter at dinner

Now for the main, oh wait! Wine, wine needed first. I asked the staff for advice and they recommended Catena Malbec. Why not indeed!

Catena Malbec wine

Being a steakhouse, and a top steakhouse you can imagine I was drooling at some of the menu options for steak. Butcher’s cut, ribeye, rump, sirloin, fillet were all there with some really nice sides such as grilled plum tomato, flat cap mushrooms and a choice of thin cut or hand cut chips.

I was in the mood for lamb when I saw it. Herb Crusted Scotch Lamb Rack!

lamb dinner

with Parmentier potatoes and a mint salsa verde. I love lamb and as my favourite meat I can tell when it is good. My word this was top drawer!

Together with the wine it was a shame that either had to end 🙂

But what about dessert? Stand by.

hotel dessert menu

Please can I have.. Chocolate and Jasmine Tea Sacher Torte, Chocolate Macaron  and Chocolate Ganache. Now that’s the way to finish!

Chocolate and Jasmine Tea Sacher Torte, Chocolate Macaron  and Chocolate Ganache

I can tell you I was absolutely satisfied and finished off the wine, of course before retiring to the bar.

hotel bar

Again, here as well as the at the meal and reception. I must stress how happy, welcoming and helpful all the staff were. It really does make a difference when staying somewhere.

Time for a sneaky gin, or two before getting ready for another day of travel and sights in the morning.

breakfast seating

Breakfast continued the theme of comfort, great food and service. I took this as the opportunity for a local full breakfast as well as a few delicious items from the breakfast bar, loved the way it was all laid out 🙂

breakfast buffet

Alas, this short visit to Macdonald Inchyra Hotel had come to an end. It felt too short and would have enjoyed an extended stay for sure.

Inchyra Hotel & Spa front

Will I return? You bet I will. I need to discover more of this area and why not do that in some welcoming and beautiful comfort?

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