The Oil Can Cafe of Hepworth

Nestled on the edge of the Peak District in a little village called Hepworth is the Carding Shed/Oil can café.

Even though it’s local to me I only started visiting around 12 months ago and now it’s become a regular stop off point or meeting place for me and my friends.

oil can cafe inside

Driving up the long drive into what looks like an industrial estate you park up outside and are faced with a very uninspiring looking warehouse.

I think my friend was a little nervous when I took her there for the first time last Friday.

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oil can cafe scrap as art

You enter through a door on the right of a roller shutter and what greets you is wonderful. Vintage cars, vintage sweet stands, clothes, little shops and bicycles hanging from the ceiling.

The staff are all dressed in vintage dresses (all matching) and there is music playing from various eras.

oil can cafe menu

Even though you might be desperate to head straight to the café, it’s well worth having a look around before you sit down. You can get up close with the vintage cars and have a nosy round the few shops before you eat. Next door they have a fully working garage where they restore old cars, and, even if you’re not particular into cars it’s definitely worth a look around in there.

The menu has something for everybody, from breakfast’s right through to afternoon tea. As we were there early we both had a small breakfast and a pot of tea, but agreed we would return for cake in the next few weeks sometime. The food was well presented and very tasty.

big breakfast

The menu has plenty for veggies and also gluten free options on their cakes so there is something for everybody.

We visited at 10am as soon as they opened and it was nice and quiet at that time but if you get there around lunchtime there can be a small wait for a table, although since I last visited about another 6 tables have been added so this may mean a smaller wait time. There is plenty to keep you occupied whilst you wait to be seated though.

breakfast menu

If you’re even in the area it is worth making the trip to Hepworth and the Oil Can café. You won’t be disappointed.

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