Scenes Above The River Ouse, Yorkshire

When I am not travelling I don’t take that as an excuse to sit still. Even around home I still get out as much as possible to wander the world around. I am lucky in that locally, near Nether Poppleton, on the outskirts of York, I have a beautiful stretch of the River Ouse to walk along. Each time I go walking the light can make the experience completely different to the last. And can get spectacular at sunrise and sunset.

nether-poppleton Scenes Above The River Ouse, Yorkshire

I have walked many a mile beside the river, be it on a dog walk, with family, or alone to clear my mind. I am always pleasantly surprised at just how quiet it is. I can walk for miles along this stretch at all times of the week and not come across anyone.

nether-poppleton-9 Scenes Above The River Ouse, Yorkshire

Setting out from Nether Poppleton I head North and all the way up to the riverbanks opposite the grounds of Beningbrough Hall. Not too far from Moor Monkton where I can combine it with a woodland walk. As you can tell I have been taking the drone out on the walks to try and capture the views from a whole different perspective 🙂

nether-poppleton-7 Scenes Above The River Ouse, Yorkshire

nether-poppleton-8 Scenes Above The River Ouse, Yorkshire

The name River Ouse may confuse a few people especially when I mention it is in Yorkshire. There are actually a total of 5 River Ouse’s in Britain. One small one as far North as the Orkneys and the the most southerly River Ouse being in Sussex, and flows directly into the English Channel.

The 4th longest River in the UK is the River Great Ouse that flows 143 miles from Northamptonshire to King’s Lynn and into the Wash. The word Ouse is possibly derived from an old celtic word for water running/flowing.

nether-poppleton-4 Scenes Above The River Ouse, Yorkshire

This, Yorkshire River Ouse, starts not too far North of Linton-on-Ouse where it actually takes over by name from the the River Ure.  Nearthe village of Great Ouseburn. It runs for 52 miles or so, through the City of York, where it takes in the River Foss and continues to the Humber.

nether-poppleton-2 Scenes Above The River Ouse, Yorkshire

So alas I am lucky to have this wonderfully quiet yet beautiful stretch of the river to walk, whatever the weather, in either direction. To or away from York. Rivers were importantly situated by waterways in ancient times. Nether Poppleton and Upper Poppleton as grown from that with its own history I shall be sharing soon.

nether-poppleton-5 Scenes Above The River Ouse, Yorkshire

nether-poppleton-6 Scenes Above The River Ouse, Yorkshire

I am never one for doing the same walk so many times as I love to walk new and experience new. But, as you can see, the landscape may be flat but changes so much with the seasons and the weather. I look forward to sharing more in the Summer months.

Written by Paul Steele

Paul is the founder and Editor of the site. An avid hiker and trekker. Travel, adventure and photography are passions that he combines to make his articles here. Likes to see the positive in everything.


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  1. Hi,

    In that final picture the housing area looks close to the river, is this a good area to park up and launch from I wondered?



    • Hi Kimberley, yes! The final picture is Nether Poppleton. You can walk along the riverside path from there up stream and find lots of steps down to the river that were made for the anglers

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