GoPro Animals on My Travels and Wanders

The Gopro is one piece of kit I carry with me most of the time. Local walks or high climbs sometimes prohibit the want to carry a proper camera around or carry a backpack. The Gopro is so small it fits into my pocket very easily for those, you never know, moments. It gives me so much adaptability over the smartphone camera use.



You have seen what can be done even in your own garden from the GardenCam articles so far.

GoPro Animals-15- travels


Of course being out in the countryside so much I come across animals small and large. Quite often they can be very friendly! This is one of those areas where I find the Gopro comes into its own. With such a wide angle you get such a good close up of the subject but also a great big background. Makes such a difference to the normal zoom in effect. Nearly all these photos in this post have been done just by holding the GoPro about 6 inches away from the subject.




Naturally for that you would need the animal to be tame, but whatever the distance you can get so much in the picture and by trial and error or luck you may get a surprisingly great photo. I find it is not even just about picture quality or whatever, it is the moment… the subject.


One big tip I can give you… Use timelapse mode, not single photo. Set it running taking a picture per second then hold the camera towards the animal. Yes, animals don’t pose for cameras but if you are effortlessly and continuously taking pics, one will be just right.


Even on many of the dog walks I have had my GoPro in my pocket. Treasured moments with a loved pet with different point of view than the standard camera. Bea is a little poser anyway isn’t she?



And how could I forget those moments and years with the slobbery twins… Monty and Jasmine 🙂

GoPro Animals-3- travels

GoPro Animals-4- travels

When I was looking for my photos for this article I could not believe how many I had collected. So so many! Seems it was never a waste to go out, hike, or travel, with the GoPro in my pocket.


Written by Paul Steele

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