Colours and Photos Around York

York City in Colour at night

You never need to travel far to get outdoors and amongst the colours of the world. When not travelling I do spend a lot of time in the local City of York and its outskirts. Camera in hand, practising and more practising.

York Minster at sunset

There is architecture young and old to take advantage of, from York Minster at sunset, above, to passing over Lendal Bridge in the blue hour after sunset, below. A lot of the time the photos are actually spontaneous. Forever looking left and right as I walk, stopping when some view catches my eye.

Night view from lendal bridge in York

The local church at Nether Poppleton in the outskirts of York is a great photography practice place for me. The sunset and light moves around with the seasons and the eerie feel as the darkness comes adds to the setting 🙂

Nether poppleton church at sunset

Every single sunset is different. If you went to the same spot every day it would be hard to replicate the exact same settings and colours than the day before. I use that to my advantage, I love variety.

Clouds are different every time and they can add so much to a scene. Just after sunset they can reflect colour everywhere too! Always worth a local wander along the River Ouse at sunset time.

river ouse york at sunset
owl sculpture at colourful dusk

Unique foregrounds make a massive difference too. Above I used a piece of art in the fields around Poppleton,

Below, the ancient Tithe Barn in the same village added colour to a building scene, for me perfectly.

Tithe barn in nether poppleton

York is full of and surrounded by more unique architecture than you may know? Within the suburbs in the area of Holgate there is a random old windmill still standing, as a roundabout within a quiet street. The Holgate Windmill was originally built in 1770 and has been restored in recent years to working order. A gem of a building that oft gets forgotten in this City.

Holgate Windmill at sunset

During the days of Spring and Summer the landscapes around the outside of York become rich with all kinds of colours, from bright yellow rapeseed to deep reds of poppies. A joy to walk amongst, the flatter landscape need not put you off a great long walk as the land here has a huge charm of its own.

poppy fields around York
the colours of the crops

Back along the River Ouse, just like the sunsets, every day is different. Hence even if the only camera I have is a smartphone I still have one with me 🙂 The big skies above the flat landscape lend to huge colours as the sun sets. So much so if you look around you can see people stopping in their tracks to watch the world go by, no matter how busy they were.

river ouse in purple skies
flooded river ouse at sunset
red sky at night in York

Travel does not mean going miles, travel to me also means simply getting outside on my own two feet and wandering where my heart takes me. Most of the photos above are actually from these wanders. I never stepped out specifically with these photos in mind, but by getting out I caught them with opportunity.

Whenever you get chance, go outside and make adventures, you may make many memories.

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