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It was time to visit Italy again.. but away from the usual hotspots you hear of, it was time to head to a beautiful area in the mountains of the Region of Le Marche. A home from home for me, great open countryside, and a perfect greeting of snow tipped mountain tops with lush green and quiet valleys below. The drive into the region was so quiet I could hardly believe it, a hidden treasure indeed! First stop though was the small and beautiful town of Amandola, the gateway to eastern side of the Sibillini Mountains (Monti Sibillini)

amandola-12- Le Marche

amandola-13- Le Marche

Perched on a hilltop, like most of the places around here, Amandola has a most impressive backdrop of the mountains. But as you come to the archway to the square (Gate of San Giacomo) you cannot be helped by feeling the pull of discovering what is within the town itself.

amandola-2- Le Marche

Even on a warm Spring, weekend day I could not believe how quiet it was. Honestly I only saw 2 other cars on the 10 miles or so drive from where I was staying. If you love great hilly and mountainous areas, beautiful countryside together with lots of history, art, food and culture then this gem of an area was quickly becoming a big hit for me.

amandola-15- Le Marche

Inhabited by just less than 4000 people I found the atmosphere very welcoming and relaxing. Walking around the narrow medieval streets, up and down steep alleyways, there was always something that piqued interest or forced me to get my camera out.  There are a couple of special finds that I will talk about separately in coming posts so watch out for those too 🙂

amandola-7- Le Marche

amandola-5- Le Marche

There is definitely a sense of humour about town too! This sign, for the carpenters says they are very sorry but they are away on holiday from 23 Dec 14 to end of December 15. Italy time… relaxed time ;D

amandola-10- Le Marche

Walking up to the top Piazza there are street views beyond street views and always a view out to the mountains. Quite a perfect place to slowly wander or watch the world go by with an aperitivo

amandola-9- Le Marche

amandola-14- Le Marche

Reaching towards the piazza at the top you cannot miss the 14th century Tower of Podesta. A high point looking out from the town but also holds secrets to many tales from the past within. Tales of Robin Hood style bandits, beheadings and more. The tower is a surviving reminder of a stronghold from hundreds of years ago.

amandola-11- Le Marche

Near to the tower is a magnificent theatre, Teatro La Fenice that is worth a look inside.

Down on the main, bottom piazza you will find not just wonderful places to eat and drink but also historical churches and monuments to catch your interest like the Church of Sant’Agostino and the Town Hall buildings.

amandola-4- Le Marche

amandola- Le Marche

There are so many things to explore here that one or two I shall showcase separately as they deserve it too! Also the surrounding areas and mountains. Time for another wine as I remember the kind and welcoming people of Amandola, Le Marche, Italy.

amandola-3- Le Marche

amandola-8- Le Marche

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  1. Avatar of Sheila Lally Sheila Lally says:

    My favourite part of my favourite country for walking, and everything. A walk across the Piano Grande to Castellucia, I will remember and treasure for the rest of my life

  2. buongiorno Paul, i chiamo Renato e vivo in un bel comune delle Marche a Treia in provincia di macerata nelle Marche, se capita in zona mi farebbe piacere ospitarla per farle visitate il nostro stupendo paese e le sue bellezze.
    Attendo un vostro gentile riscontro
    Renato Tartarelli

  3. Avatar of Lesley Fenton Lesley Fenton says:

    Thanks for this. I love Italy but have never been to this part. Next trip!

    1. Avatar of Paul Steele Paul Steele says:

      Go for it Lesley.. A beautiful part of Italy. More articles to come