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Gardencam Highlights – A Summer in Cumbria

It was my final Summer living in Cumbria, but still plenty of time to keep the gardencam rolling. And yet again there was no end of surprises and variety of bird feeder visitors to light up the days.

You may recall the Spring highlights from earlier this year… snow still on the ground at times and young birds tentatively.. or bravely flying in for the nuts and seed. Well Summer here brought colours upon colours, of both birds and scenery.

When I post these pictures as I get them, on social media, I am often asked again how it is done with the POV. Well, GoPro enables this, the birds come to the camera and get close up but keeps the wide angle for the background. I can hide safely within wifi app reach on the smartphone, seeing all the camera sees. Timelapse mode is great for this too. Never meant to be about picture quality.. just catching great birds in different close up light, in all weathers.

Over time all the favourites turned up again. Nuthatches, greenfinches, blackbirds, tits and even the beloved pigeon and more. When I looked back there were so many photos.. A lot of fun ones still don’t make it online even 🙂

And so came the end of the Summer, and alas the end of that backdrop too for me. Pastures new, views new, bird-table new. Time to set back up the gardencam and meet some new local feathery friends ready for the next installment 🙂

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