St Annes Sand Dunes, Dog Walks And Views

St Annes Sand Dunes, Lancashire are great to explore and walk along no matter if with or without a dog to walk. Considering that 80% of our country’s sand dunes have been lost in just the last 150 years makes you appreciate the area even more as you marvel at the views, encounter wildlife and take in views of a huge golden beach by the sea.

IMG_20191130_131913 St Annes Sand Dunes, Dog Walks And Views

If you look really closely at the photo above you can see something in the top right hand corner, yes Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s ‘The Big One’. Not many dunes survive to this day as I say but the Fylde coast of England is far more than neon and bars. Head south out of Blackpool and virtually all the way between there and Lytham St Annes you have the beauty of these stunning sand dunes to explore. There is actually a whole 80 hectares worth.

G2373433 St Annes Sand Dunes, Dog Walks And Views

Malc of course is in his element here. Sand, so much to check out and run to and from. It helps me with training too as I use it a lot for recall training with hide and seek 🙂

G2333193 St Annes Sand Dunes, Dog Walks And Views

The dunes are probably the highest point on the Fylde Coast so if you want sea views to walk with you can’t go wrong here either. The day I went here with cameras was a cold and crisp day with completely blue skies. The sun glistening on the sea whilst between the dunes and the sea you could walk along the golden mile of St Annes Beach.

IMG_20191130_135354 St Annes Sand Dunes, Dog Walks And Views

G2343252 St Annes Sand Dunes, Dog Walks And Views

Looking north you see Blackpool and its tower, it seems far removed from where you are standing. To the south you see the posher, Lytham St Annes. behind you have Blackpool Airport with the odd light aircraft passing over your head. No drone today for this post, drone law adhered too 🙂

G2373427 St Annes Sand Dunes, Dog Walks And Views

It is sad that so many dunes have been lost around the country. Not only are they a natural marvel but they also provide a completely natural and great coastal defence. During high tides and storms they release sand and nullify the wave action. It is a defence that attracts a huge amount of wildlife too.

Here at St Annes as a minimum you can find birds such as reed buntings and stonechats at least 150 types of butterflies and moths, plus very rare plants that are endemic to sand dunes.

G2333128 St Annes Sand Dunes, Dog Walks And Views

As I was walking along the dunes I spotted the remains of many Christmas trees sticking out of the sand. This is the remnants of some conservation that is done every year in February. After the festivities have finished, most of the discarded trees are donated to here and the dead trees are planted between the dunes and the sea.

As sand comes ashore the trees trap the sand, dunes side and help accumulate and fix the dunes. Creating more dunes reaching towards the sea. It also helps more of the grass to grow too. Preserving the dunes for generations more we hope.

IMG_20191130_135518 St Annes Sand Dunes, Dog Walks And Views

Of course, Malc loves it here! Running freely, sand to dig in, sand to kick up at me. Also an opportunity to have some great one on one time too.

On occasion he took his own little time out to rest and take in the sea views.

IMG_20191130_134045 St Annes Sand Dunes, Dog Walks And Views

But he does love to run and he does love to run on sand. I was trying not to tire him out ‘too’ much with him still being a puppy but he is headstrong and persistent at time. Mini zoomies amongst zoomies.

IMG_20191130_132810 St Annes Sand Dunes, Dog Walks And Views

Up and down the dunes, making me look slow as I wandered up and down the dunes in sometimes deep and dry sand. Good for the heart and lungs you know?! 🙂

Honestly, if you are in the vicinity of the Fylde Coast, don’t skip from Blackpool to Lytham St Annes and think you have seen it all. You will have missed the natural wonder of St Annes Sand Dunes and the glorious views that come with them. Go on, get some fresh air.

Written by Paul Steele

Paul is the founder and Editor of the site. An avid hiker and trekker. Travel, adventure and photography are passions that he combines to make his articles here. Likes to see the positive in everything.


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  1. I enjoyed this piece. I especially liked the repurposing of old Christmas trees to rebuild the dunes. and your canine companion. Both are awesome! Thanks.

    • Hi Richard, thank you. Yes a great idea to build up the dunes isn’t it?

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