Tyne to Tees Walk: Hartlepool Headland to The Tees

It was the last leg today of this wonderful walk. I had walked, as you have seen in previous posts, from the River Tyne and so far to Hartlepool Headland. The landscape would change yet again this day, and so much more to discover!

Hartlepool headland houses

Hartlepool Headland is a place full of varying interests. There is the famous Heugh battery Museum that deserved its own post all to itself.

The views out to sea and the North Yorkshire coast are immense plus there is the old church to discover and rock pooling heaven for the family.

crab harrtlepool

Many of you will be familiar with another resident of Hartlepool, that of comic strip fame, Andy Capp! I nearly missed it but there is a statue on the headland in his honour plus of course the Andy Capp creator Reg Smythe was from here.

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Andy capp statue Hartlepool

It was very quiet along the headland. The sun was out and it felt like it was a hidden gem, a small section of coast that should be enjoyed by more than I have seen.

Hartlepool lighthouse
sea wall walk
boat in sea at hartlepool

Alas I had miles to do and had to crack on if I was going to get round to the River Tees today. I came off the headland and continued along the coastal path and the next stop.. Hartlepool Marina. Plenty more than just a marina I can tell you!

Hartlepool marina

The sun was shining down onto the huge marina one way and the other was a huge row of trendy shops, bars and eateries. It also boasts hotels, museums, entertainment venues and business centres.

It was bustling with a huge mix of people from families on a day out to people enjoying the calm beside the waters in the sun. There is also the National Museum of the Royal Navy with plenty to explore inside.

National Museum of the Royal Navy

From here the pathway took me along some great sea walls. Views back to the marina but also out to sea and onwards. It was very much a joy to walk along, especially as the sun was shining.

An area I can envisage is a great day out for many in the area and from beyond.

sea wall walk near Hartlepool
looking out to sea

From the walls I could see ahead I was getting closer to my destination, the mouth of the River Tees.

But before that I had the enjoyable walk along the sands and Seaton Carew. Again the views were terrific and there was a real vibe in the air from people enjoying the open air, sandy beaches and dunes.

dog at Seaton carew

The area south of Seaton Carew is of great natural interest. The dunes are teeming with birds of many varieties from wading birds migrating birds. Walking through and on the end was suddenly there, the mouth of the River Tees was beneath my feet on the beach. I was at North Gare!

Tees Estuary

Across the river to the south the coast continues to Middlesbrough and beyond. I was more interested in not just the spot I was at but the huge mass of memories, the days down to here walking from the River Tyne.

A magnificent coastline, a magnificent walk. If you haven’t been to see any of it, then I recommend that you do, go explore!

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