The RUGD Power brick

The RUGD Power Brick has become one of the first things I pack into my rucksack as I head into the great outdoors. Even more so when I am away camping.

Being away from a charging point when you need to use your smartphone or smartwatch can be a worry, especially if using apps for following GPX etc.

There are many power packs out there but the RUGD is specially made for durability and being on adventures in the outdoors.

out of the box RUGD power brick

It certainly had a lot going for it when I saw it, lightweight, extra durable, compact and a big battery size at 10,050mAh. It is rated IP67. It doubles up as a camping light too!

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I have taken it on a few trips now, let’s take a closer look.

What is in the box

It may look chunky but it is not as bulky as cumbersome as you may think. The power pack measures 97x97x28 mm and weighs just 280g. For something this durable you would expect heavier but it is no weight at all fitting in a side pocket of my backpack.

Also in the box is a small carabiner so that you don’t have to hide it in your backpack but also attach it to the outside and create some room.

RUGD power brick with carabiner

There is a fast charging USB C cable too.

Charging capabilities

For charging there is USB-C 18W power port for both input & output.

There is also a USB-A Quick Charge output port.

I have tested the fast charging claim of 50% charge of a powerful phone in 30 minutes and it is true. My Google Pixel 6 Pro went from zero to 50% in just under half an hour. Fantastic when on the go or when camping.

Because the battery is 10,050mAh I have got around 3 x full charges of my phone from it with a bit left for my Garmin watch if needed.

If it is chargeable by USB then it will work, even laptops.

charging the RUGD power brick with laptop

It is easy to charge the pack itself when getting ready to travel as I can do that via my laptop as I work.

Doubles as a camping light

The space underneath of the RUGD Power Brick has not been wasted and again done with the outdoor adventurer in mind.

With the press of a button it transforms into a powerful camping/night light. It has 2 brightness modes using 16 LEDs at 1300 lumens.

led light power bank

Not that I have needed it thankfully but there is also an SOS light mode.


It certainly looks durable doesn’t it but yes it is IP67 rated. This means that it is tested and certified to withstand being dropped in up to a metre deep of water for up to half an hour. It is sand and dust resistant too.

More than just shower proof. The ports are protected using the rubber sealed plug that you open and shut to get to the charging ports. Easy.

I had so much confidence in the claims that here I dropped it down in the river without any worries. I would have no worries about it being caught out in the rain.

RUGD Power brick in water


The RUGD Power Brick, as I say is now a constant travel accessory for me, be it for long hikes, wild camping or even on long travels.

It is light and small enough to not even think about not packing. I would be more worried if I ran out of phone battery juice when I least needed it to be honest.

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