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A first of a kind in the UK! Cold Brewed Coffee Liqueur.

Those that know me will know that I do thrive on coffee itself, especially Espresso types. If you are like me in that way you will have also been very disappointed by the lack of true ‘Espresso like’ coffee liqueurs available in the UK. We do have a habit of making alcoholic drinks and then over sweetening them or adding mad extra flavours to try provide for every taste. Now though I have stumbled across Conker Spirit, Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur and my search is over. If you love real coffee, and love a liqueur, then this hits the spot! No additives, no flavourings and no thickeners… and I love it!

Conker Spirit - Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur 2

It is made by Conker Spirit which is actually Dorset’s first gin distillery, making a dry gin since 2014. Again I seen that the distillery has not gone down the route mad flavoured gin but stayed making a quality, true gin. That is where the idea for a ‘true’ coffee liqueur came in. This was no mean feat as a lot has to be taken into consideration. The beans, the blending, the roasting, the brewing.

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How do they do it? Well I have looked into it and it must have taken an age to work out. Take the best Brazilian coffee beans and best Ethiopian coffee beans (very much known as top tier), supplied by another Dorset company, Beanpress Coffee Co.

They take the Brazilian beans and roast them darker and longer than normal to bring out the cacao and caramel. And the Ethiopian beans are roasted lighter and faster to get at the natural citric sweetness.

The liqueur is ‘cold brewed’ and thus you don’t get any of the acidic taste or bitterness you would think it could get! When I taste it I do get that natural creamy, vanilla, chocolatey subtleness that makes it a winner.

Conker Spirit - Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur 3

I personally may drink too much coffee, but, if you enjoy a rich real coffee and like a liqueur then try Conker Cold Brew, go on, it is delicious 🙂

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