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It was time to head to South Wales again, this time a couple of days in the Swansea area. It is always a joy to head to this coastline, truly one of the best in Britain. Even more so for hikers. My base was on the beautiful Gower Peninsular, truly a gem of the country. The hounds needed a leg stretch, I was dying to get out and about seeing some great scenery. Three Cliffs Bay it was to be.

Three Cliffs Bay sits right on the south of the peninsular. From the car park up top (Three Cliffs Bay Holiday Park) it is a walk down and down to the bay itself.. First though you turn a corner and see why it is voted in many places as one of the top views in Britain.

Swansea - Three Cliffs Bay

A wide and large sandy cove surrounded and hidden from all sides by lush green landscape. Unmistakable are the three pointy cliffs that give the name, that in line poke into the bay. Dogs are not allowed on every beach these days but this is one that are allowed year round. Monty, Jasmine, time to get your sand feet on!

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So much space that even if it was really busy on a summer’s hot Sunday it would not mean packed in together. Even on this day there were lots having fun. Surfers, kite flyers, beach cricket, paddling in both the sea and the river that runs through. Paragliders swirled in for a landing too. Of course there were some there for walking too like me. Either side of the bay the cliffs and outcrops, dune then green underfoot.

Swansea - Three Cliffs Bay

Overlooking the bay up on Pennard Pill is Pennard Castle. The ruins stand on the hilltop horizon Once a mighty castle home in the 12th century through to a settlement then abandoned in about 1400 through moving sand, and what is left is there to see today, together with tales of hauntings and fairies.

Swansea - Three Cliffs Bay

Swansea - Three Cliffs Bay

Swansea - Three Cliffs Bay

The little legs of the hounds in the deep sand had taken its toll. It was time for a scenic rest…

Swansea - Three Cliffs Bay

I could have wandered here all day or even more than that, it was a perfect spot wether you was walking, reflecting or having beach fun. But, so much to see and the day was still young, it was time to move along the coast to a new fantastic view.

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  1. The coast is amazing and the Brecon Beacons not too far away either. Whilst Pembroke is lovely, this area is more accessible whilst still leaving further west within easy reach. I’m house-hunting around the Swansea area – returning my ancestral homeland you could say 🙂

    1. Paul Steele says:

      Hi manda, yes a wonderful area to live I can imagine

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