paul steele and the 2 basset hounds

They were my faithful Monty and Jasmine, the twin Basset Hounds. Stubborn, smelly, forever hungry and lazy. But, my best and loyal friends to the end, bless them. I have the greatest memories of my life with them.

Basset hounds are a beloved breed known for their friendly and loving nature. With their low-energy and easy-going personality, they make for the perfect family pet. But owning a basset hound is not without its challenges.

basset hounds at sunset

In this post, I will share the joys and challenges of owning a basset hound, or two, as well as some tips for successfully caring for these lovable dogs.

They may not have been the greatest hikers in the world but they certainly filled my world with joy and companionship.

Social Wellness Walks
female Basset Hound Jasmine

The Joys of Owning Basset Hounds

When it comes to the joys of owning basset hounds, there is no shortage of reasons to love this breed.

For one, basset hounds are known for their friendly and loving nature. They are affectionate with their family and generally get along well with other dogs and people. This makes them great companions for anyone looking for a loving and loyal pet.

cuddles with basset hounds

And, tell me about it, they are low-energy with an easy-going personality. Unlike some breeds that require lots of exercise and mental stimulation, basset hounds are happy to lounge around the house and take things slow.

This makes them a great choice for families with busy schedules or those who live in small apartments.

Basset Hounds sleeping

In addition to their friendly and easy-going nature, basset hounds are also known for their amusing and endearing characteristics.

We have all seen them in the adverts, from their droopy ears and sad-looking eyes to their comical waddle, basset hounds are sure to bring a smile to your face. They are also known for their deep, soulful howls, which can be both endearing and entertaining.

I can say personally that overall, the joys of owning basset hounds are numerous. From their loving and affectionate nature to their low-energy and easy-going personality, they are a delightful breed to have as a pet.

2 Basset Hounds lazing

Monty and Jasmine gave me smiles and laughter every day with their antics. Even naughty behaviour gave me joy.

The Challenges of Owning Basset Hounds

While the joys of owning basset hounds are many, it’s important to note that there are also challenges to consider.

basset hounds big ears

For one, basset hounds have a strong sense of smell. They have the second strongest strength of smell in the dog world after the bloodhound. They can smell things far away that we wouldn’t know about … and off they go. Recall? Oh no. There is a scent to follow that really is more important. These big floppy ears aren’t listening.

2 Basset Hounds in a field

Speaking of training, another challenge of owning basset hounds is their tendency to be stubborn and difficult to train. Due to their strong-willed and independent nature, basset hounds can be resistant to commands and training. If you are a first time dog owner then, yes, you may like the slow and loyal nature, but getting them to do what you want is something you may have to forego.

I know of many dog trainers that have a stipulation: no basset hounds.

Basset Hound cute

In addition to their stubbornness, basset hounds are also prone to certain health issues. These can include ear infections, eye problems, and back problems.

These 2 were rescued and in my consideration I had to think of vet costs. Monty, the male, was full sized. Yes, 30 kg of stubbornness. That is a lot of weight on those short legs and as he grew older the arthritis kicked in. Eye problems naturally came in for both. Poor Jasmine was blind but happy towards the end, bless her.

basset hounds in the snow

As for their backs, I must say I never took them up mountains or allowed the to run up and down stairs. The breeding of these dogs over the years has not helped equip them for steep climbs. To ensure a good quality of life for them in later years you must look after their backs and legs, no matter how springy they may be as pups.

The smell…ha, yes! The unmistakable smell of a basset hound. They have an oily skin that hound dogs of this type tend to have and, although you may get used to it yourself, your friends will know you have a basset hound if they get in your car or sit on your couch.

Basset Hound chewing a bone

Overall, while the joys of owning basset hounds are many, it’s important to be aware of the challenges and be prepared for how to handle them. Patience is a big key, lots of patience.

Tips for Successfully Owning Basset Hounds

If you’re considering owning a basset hound, there are some important tips to keep in mind to ensure a successful and happy relationship with your pet.

First, it’s important to provide your basset hound with regular exercise and mental stimulation. While they are not as high-energy as some breeds, basset hounds still need regular walks and playtime to stay healthy and happy. This can help prevent boredom and destructive behaviors, and can also help maintain their physical health.

basset hounds running

Another important tip is to be patient and consistent with training and socialization. As mentioned earlier, basset hounds can be stubborn and difficult to train. It’s important to be firm and consistent with commands and training, and to be patient with the process. Regular socialization with other dogs and people is also important to help your basset hound learn good manners and become well-adjusted.

Finally, it’s important to provide regular grooming and care for your basset hound. This includes regular ear and eye care to prevent infections and other problems.

Overall, with regular exercise, training, socialization, and care, you can successfully own and enjoy the joys of a basset hound.

Basset Hounds and sunset


I miss Monty and Jasmine and think of their antics a lot even now a few years on.

Their sloppy and slobbery kisses and the drool all around the water bowl. The waiting for them to check that every blade of grass on a walk was exactly as they were the day before.

The loved their sunrise walks and adored their cuddles.

I personally would not get a basset hound puppy, nor encourage others to get one having experienced first hand what overbreeding has done to them and their health issues.

But having these twins for the years I had with them were truly the fondest times.

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  1. I do miss them too on your posts.. x

    1. Paul Steele says:

      awwwww bless ya me too

  2. I have 2 bassets as well and wouldn’t take anything for them. Loving, loyal, funny, stubborn, lazy, loud……. I love everything about them. I especially love their corn chip smell 🙂

    1. Paul Steele says:

      absolutely 🙂 ty

    2. Donna Webb says:

      I have a bassett hound.He is 9 years old.I have never noticed a corn chip smell.Could it be what you are feeding them? My bassett gets bored after eating the same food for a couple of weeks.I am constantly having to switch it up.Do you have the same boredom issues? Years ago we would just leave his food and eventually he would eat never going without more than 3 days but now he is diabetic and on insulin so he has to ear everyday.

  3. For me personally, there’s nothing quite like the stench of a wet Labrador 🙂

  4. Susan Irick says:

    I have to say every trait and behavior you’ve mentioned is 100% true. I had a Bassett ( Mattie) for 14 1/2 wonderful years. She was my shadow from morning to night, I believe every odor was found in those years as 5 blocks took an hour to accomplish. Many greenies and rawhide bones were consumed as well. I actually loved her smell ( strange) and played with her jowls. No complaints from her as she slept ALOT. Love and cherish both of yours everyday. They are truly a faithful dog.

  5. Contented Traveller says:

    Don’t suppose you spoil them and vice versa. Lovely.

    1. Paul Steele says:

      maybe a little 🙂

  6. Shannon Rollins says:

    Would like to say I smiled and laughed as read this. Because that is what our Molly does to a tee we adopted her to. We were her fourth home and she was only 5months old.And when they brought her to use, they said they would give use about two weeks and they would understand. We told them she isn’t going anywhere and she hasn’t 3 and half yrs later. We don’t understand you just have to have time and patience.

    1. Paul Steele says:

      awww yes patience is a must have 🙂 great to hear you adopted a lovely hound

  7. Beautiful photos! Those two are blessed to have you and vice versa. Thank you for taking them in, rescue dogs are the best!

    1. Paul Steele says:

      always fun with them around 🙂 thank you

  8. Jenny Wilson says:

    Love the pictures of them running ! They look so happy ! Some great portraits there !

    1. Paul Steele says:

      so kind Jenny. Thanks

  9. Agnes Guan says:

    Paul, this is a wonderful blog. The bassets are amazing. I have one too and I liove her to death. Can’t get enough of the drooly kisses.

  10. louise Hayward says:

    Adored this blog! The photos are magnificent 🙂

    1. Paul Steele says:

      You are so kind… thank you Louise

  11. seaside tracie says:

    Love,love,love Bassets! We had a padded peg to keep Fred’s ears out of his food when feeding…….lovely,lovely photo’s Paul, brought a smile to my

  12. Jill Durnford says:

    How could anyone resist? Completely adorable. Lovely to see them having so much fun…

    1. Paul Steele says:

      Hi Jill 🙂 they love running around and sniffing 😀

  13. maria dermitzaki says:

    On the one hand it’s true they are so lovely and cute even if (or just because) they are not the most beautiful dogs in the world, on the other hand it’s the fact that you love them so much Paul, and this makes us share your feelings!!

  14. Suchismita Pai says:

    Lovely post. Brilliant pictures. Beautiful dogs. I am into dog rescue work too. Mostly roadies/ mixes/ mutts because we have so many of those in India. Have the most wonderful dog that has become my lifeline after I got her at approximately age one from a home where she was abandoned. Elsa is a lab mix. Love Jasmine and Monty.

  15. Beth Esser says:

    I too have 2 bassets, Maisie and Sugar. They are indeed the lights of my life and make me laugh everyday. As you said, there is no rush with bassets. They TRULY stop and smell the roses wherever we go. And stubborn doesnt even begin to describe them. But I wouldnt trade them for the world.

    I really enjoyed your pics and your narration. Please keep them coming.

  16. Loved your picture’s. Love the breed too. I do Guardian Angel Basset Rescue in Ill. usa. Thanks for sharing your friends with us.

  17. Beautiful pictures,beautiful colors and amazing dogs!!! My friend is English Setter from Bench line Blue Belton color also adopted…lucky me 🙂 his name is Fog.
    Enjoy your friendship, their life so short …

  18. Ed Gutierrez says:

    I love seeing pictures of your hounds. They look so noble. I think I understand the stubborn thing. We had a Beagle, and he is very stubborn. I had to give him to my parents since he distroyed all of our patio furniture, pissed off the neighbors, chewed on everything. Strangly, my parents don’t have any problem with him, but they spoil him in an American way. Anyhow, I always enjoy your posts on Twitter that include your hounds. They bring smiles, the best.

  19. Robyn Gianni says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE !!!!!! 🙂

  20. musicgirl77 says:

    LOVELY pics, BEAUTIFUL dogs and a WONDERFUL post that made me laugh and smile throughout!! I have a beagle mix that have ALOT of the same qualities, especially as she’s aged. She was also a rescue. As was her newer sister, a puppy-mill chihuahua that stays velcroed to her big sissy as much as she allows. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Paul Steele says:

      Thanks for the kind words and smiles 🙂 Sounds like you have your hands full too

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