Squirrels and Birds Around Museum Gardens York

It was a frosty and yet sunny day. A day that called for me to have a meeting in York so never went out with a photographic purpose.

I will always have a camera on me though when out, be it just the smartphone camera or as today I had my Kodak Pixpro 4KVR360. A handy small camera for capturing the world around in 360.

squirrel in the gardens at my feet

I had a little time before catching my bus back home and called into York Museum Gardens. Always a pleasant place to walk around. And the squirrels were out in force, hunting for nuts in the frosty ground.

Tame little things they are! Take a seat and you easily see them up close, scurrying about.

BaldHiker Retreats
squirrel and me

Squirrels are fascinating creatures to watch aren’t they? I remember a time I spent with the Red Squirrels in Cumbria. The way they busily get about their business, foraging for nuts and seemingly play chasing each other. These in the Museum Gardens of York are the Grey Squirrel of course.

And it was perfect chance to get out the 360 camera for something different.

grey squirrel on park bench
squirrel eating a nut

The 4KVR360 is very adaptable for any situation as I have shown previously by York Minster. The squirrels were being as tame as ever so it really was just a case of placing down the camera between them and me, waiting patiently then hitting the remote button or the app. However, they got carried away curiously looking about the camera a lot and did knock it over a few times.

Maybe it was their reflection? 🙂

squirrel looking at camera
looking straight into the camera

There were so many around at one point that as I was taking a picture of one, another ran up my leg and onto my shoulder!

Now that is a little too tame, at least when I wasn’t looking or expecting.

squirrel playing while I sit
grey squirrel in tree

With all the running around of the squirrels near me, the birds began to join in. The blackbirds and Thrushes kept a safe distance awaiting me to go. But of the near ones, of course, first came the pigeons.


Then pigeons and squirrels…

pigeon and a squirrel

And hopping along in the background was a tiny Robin, awaiting any scraps that could be left behind. The heavy frost and Winter sunshine together with a red breasted friend. Festive season was close for sure.

robin on rock

I could see all around there were birds of all varieties. I am sure to come back through here with my bigger camera and longer lens one day soon.

The Museum gardens is a perfect place for it. If you are ever in the area of York City centre and looking for some respite with a little bit of wildlife then head to the Museum Gardens… Take a camera 🙂

ruins of york museum and a squirrel
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