Rome – Peek Through The Keyhole To Another Country

If you have time when visiting Rome then take the time to head up to the top of Aventine Hill. From here you can look through a whole in a door and see not just 1, but 2 other countries.

After the super coffee at Piazza Navona I was refreshed for seeing lots more. Suddenly a few people on my social feeds were saying ‘go look through the keyhole on the gate of The Knights of Malta, and be prepared for a great surprise’! So I asked a trusty source for directions and off I went.

It seemed so inconspicuous. Up on Aventine hill, away from the main tourist spots and not too far from the ‘Spanish Steps‘, you wouldn’t tell this piazza was the scene of a great view. Apart from a queue of people waiting to look through a keyhole?

keyhole aventine hill, rome

This was the gate to the Priory of The Knights of Malta. There is no entry to this place.

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The Knights of Malta are an order dating back for over 900 years. Knights, warriors, crusaders? Call them what you will, driven out of Jerusalem in the middle ages and then onto to Rhodes.

From there they ruled over Malta before Napoleon took their land. In this modern era the order is about 13,000 strong and serves with many volunteers helping much of the world’s neediest people without any prejudice on race or religion. A little like the Red Cross.

Priory of The Knights of Malta

Today this small enclosed palace they have on top of Aventine hill is theirs, given to them extraterritoriality by Italy with its own sovereign status. It has observer status in the United Nations and embassies in over 100 countries.

They issue their own sovereign passports for instance and postal stamps.

It is open for debate. Many think it is not a country and treated like an Embassy on Italian soil. However many would also say that this plot of land is a country in itself due to status, sovereignty and that the Grand Master is even given the same welcome as a head of state when travelling.

So – when looking through this little keyhole (in Italy) you peer through the arched bushes in the garden of the Sovereign Order of the Knights of Malta, and perfectly placed in the middle, the dome of St. Peter’s – The Vatican!

Rome - the view Through The Keyhole To 2 other countries

So there are 3 countries involved. You stand in Italy, looking through the garden of the Priory and see the Vatican that has its own country status.

If you are in Rome you should take the time to go and see. Surely a stunning surprise. I had just finished looking myself when I heard engines behind me.

Noise of excitement had broken out and I looked around. Well, what another and charming surprise this was. A collection of vintage Fiats had been brought into the piazza ready for a race.

A fantastic collection of well maintained models they were. A crowd started to gather as well as a few Romans on classic mopeds. I hung around of course. Great atmosphere and great fun.

vintage fiats in rome
fiat cars and mopeds

I felt I had done so much already. The day was only half done though, wow! Where in Rome would the Twitter followers send me next?

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  1. Love your pictures! I wish mine turned out that well. We finally went to the keyhole on our last week in Rome before we moved back to the states. Have to say probably would have gone a lot more often if I didn’t have to climb up that hill in the summer heat. The view through the keyhole and of the city from the orange gardens made it worth it however!

  2. Debbie @ Buisson International says:

    Hi Paul,
    I saw your article in the BA magazine while heading back to London from the States. What a fantastic idea to go minute by minute from your followers’ ideas!! The article really caught my interest because I am headed to Rome on Wednesday. It will be my first time in Italy, and I can’t wait to explore a new country. I am looking forward to diving into your blog posts to help me plan my own adventures. Thanks!

    1. Paul Steele says:

      Hi Kate, Thank you

  3. Hi Paul, I am very glad you have added me on Google+. So I visited your site that is wonderful. This post is a cultural journey. The view through the keyhole mix a little mystery and perfection.

    A Verdade e Cruel

    1. Paul Steele says:

      Hi 🙂 lovely to meet you

  4. Ysabel Garcia-Betteridge says:

    Wow made me want to visit… day when I have some money….and one of those Fiats too, they’re so cute but as originals I bet they’re expensive :/

    Really great pics though and ‘The Priory of the Knights of Malta’, well who knew, not me!! Dan Brown and The DaVinci Code doesn’t seem quite so ‘unreal’ now 😉

    1. Paul Steele says:

      haha yes I wanted one of those cars too 🙂

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