Rome – Passing By The Trevi Fountain 1

Whilst on the Perfect Day Rome we of course passed by many amazing places between the stops chosen by you. One being The Trevi Fountain (The Fontana di Trevi). You know you are close. The sound of the bustle of lots of tourists together in one spot, but also the sound of rushing water. It would have been rude not to have jumped out and take a quick look and marvel at this pure work of art.

Rome - Passing By The Trevi Fountain

Perhaps one of the best known fountains in the world, the area is called Trevi (‘Tre vie’ the crossroads of three roads) Ancient Rome built aqueducts to bring spring water from miles away for the population to drink. Over the centuries it became fashionable to have grand fountains at the end of such aqueducts. Aqua Virgo was the original aqueduct to the area and during the Renaissance it was enlarged with conduits to form Acqua Vergine. A succession of popes from back to the 17th Century had tried to get a grand fountain built here, then in the 1700s Nicola Salvi won the chance to architect one. It was common for the Pope to hold contests to win the commissions in these times, like the Spanish Steps also. Salvi died without the fountains completed but finally the fountain many know and love was finished in 1762.

Rome - Passing By The Trevi Fountain

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The final piece placed on the fountain was the great figure of Oceanus in the centre. Many of you that have never been may have seen photos like this but the scale of the fountain cannot be imagined.. seen to be believed. It truly is spectacular. You will not be alone.. The place is surrounded by sightseers. photographers, lovers, coin throwers and revellers. Busy, yes busy but a real great buzz about the place.

Many of you in the twitter stream when there ‘live’ told me I must throw a coin into the fountain. It is said that back in ancient Rome the soldiers threw coins in waterways so that the water god would help them return to the Eternal City. It is now a custom to throw a coin in when visiting. The Trevi fountain makes between 2000 and 3000 Euros per day. This gets collected and passed onto a charity to help the needy of Rome. So your romantic gesture has a benefit in many ways.

Rome - Passing By The Trevi Fountain

Rome - Passing By The Trevi Fountain

It was time to stop staring at the marvel that lay before me… time to get to the next place you sent me……

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  1. Sharon Galt says:

    I am currently writing a grant to travel to Rome. I have never been. This pic is so inspiring. thanks for sharing

    1. Paul Steele says:

      thank you.. good luck

  2. Ruth Livingstone says:

    It’s very impressive, isn’t it. Spoilt by the crowds, of course.

    1. Paul Steele says:

      ahh yes I know exactly what you mean 🙂

  3. I was here last month, it was nice but pack!!!! I can’t get a clean shot of the fountain, but it works out nonetheless. Your story brings back memory, thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Katherine Belarmino - Travel the World says:

    More beautiful pictures! Makes me long to go back to Rome.

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