Rafting on the Exploits River

I live in a town called, Grand Falls-Windsor, which is located in Newfoundland, Canada. The Exploits River runs along the edge of town and it offers so much for those who take the time to explore it. It is a photographer’s paradise and I have spent countless hours capturing its beauty.

I am so often walking along the river along one of the many trails. But on the water you see people enjoying it for other recreational pursuits. Rafting.

The Exploits River

The Exploits River

The longest river on the island of Newfoundland is the Exploits River. It is 153 miles (246 km) long.

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It begins as the Lloyds and Victoria Rivers then at the end of its journey it flows into the Bay of Exploits.

It is famed for the Atlantic Salmon and the installation of fish ladders and passageways have allowed them to go all the way upriver to spawn.

pathway on the exploits river at sanger park

The Sanger Memorial Park Trail

The Exploits River is a photographer’s paradise and I have spent countless hours capturing its beauty.

I love to walk the Sanger Park Trail

tree carving by the exploits river

If you want to do a much more adventurous and long hike you can do the 36 km Exploits Valley Trail. It starts at Badger East and finishes at Grand Falls.

It is a relatively level walk with good terrain paths so you could enjoy doing it in 2 days to take everything in or you could go for it in 1 day also.

There is plenty of accommodation options available at Grand Falls-Windsor for rest at the end.

sanger trail footpath exploits river

Back to my photography walk, it is always lovely to wander in the nature here and look out for the little things that nature throws up at us.

At some times of the year the colours of the flowers are magical. Aromatic wild phlox were in full bloom and the warm air was heavy with their scent.

Aromatic wild phlox
canada wild phlox

Flowers of all kinds and colour where in bloom.

The apple tree blossoms waited for the bees to visit.

apple blossom exploits valley

Although the area is so quiet there were signs of years of people passing through. Years of romantic gestures accumulated and preserved on the tree barks.

graffiti on the tree barks

There was plenty of wildlife on offer to see too! Looking up, Seagulls flew overhead as they searched the water for their next meal.

seagull over the exploits river

The beaver damn was very quiet today. The beavers were out for the evening. But the family fortress stood strong in the water.

beaver dam exploits river newfoundland

A walk along the Exploits river is so full of beauty and it never ends.

Rafting On The Exploits River

Away from discovering the beauty of walking in nature here, there is also fun and adventure to be had. Rafting the rapids.

Rafting on the Exploits River

The river has some really wild rapids that range from class 1 to class 4+ depending on the water levels.

I spend a lot of time on the banks of the Exploits and when I see the “big red bus” in the area, I know that Riverfront Chalets has its rafts on the river.

white water rafting canada

Paul Rose is a friend of mine and to see his company take people down the river is always fun. Their screams and laughs are infectious!

Watching them maneuver the rapids and give people a thrill of a lifetime is worth perching yourself on a rock and taking a few pictures.

hard rafting on newfoundland

Here are some I captured one day. It was a day I wish I was in there with them.

hard work rafting

A paddle high five for a job well done!

paddle high five on the exploits river

These pictures were taken on what is known as the Canyon Run. Since I am not a strong swimmer, I opted for the calmer adventure called the Badger Shoot.

well done rafters on the badger shoot exploits river

This photo was when I did have a go myself on the Badger Shoot. I am in the back on the right. It was a total blast and I will be doing it again.

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  1. George Guay says:

    Awesome trip and pics Paul What a life you have .Have a great week ahead

    1. Paul Steele says:

      Hi George, thank you.. That was Tina Dean that went on that adventure 🙂

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