greenberfield locks view

Continuing my great walk along the Leeds & Liverpool Canal I was on day three heading west from Leeds. Knowing I was going to finish in Burnley at my journey’s end it stands to reason I would be crossing the border from Yorkshire to Lancashire at some point. This point would be the stunning area of Greenberfield Locks.

Greenberfield Locks are not just known for being at that border of Yorkshire and Lancashire but also marks the highest point on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal.

dog at Greenberfield locks

Having left Skipton that morning, the canal route headed back into the countryside. In the arly part of the walk near the Leeds section the surroundings were distinctly more tree lined. Today, the Pennines surrounding were giving way to hills and fields. A feeling of being away from it all. Bliss.

green fields by the leeds and liverpool canal

Malc was loving it as well. Wide open spaces on either side of the canal. The towpath was so quiet, with just the odd long distance jogger passing by. Of course there were people enjoying time on canal boats as well. Slowly going along the waterway, taking in some magical scenery, it felt so far away from the towns and villages that canal walks stereotypically bring.

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dog by the water edge
canal bridge on the A59

This whole part of the canal is a joy to walk in its own right. From Skipton it heads west then south, passing through the lovely village of Gargrave. The Canal and River Trust have spend a lot of time and funds putting down brand new towpath here recently so it can be enjoyed by all.

new towpath for Leeds & Liverpool canal

Walkers, joggers, cyclists and of course dog walkers. One thing I noticed a lot of on this canal was signs showing the importance of priority. Cyclists should not go too fast and be aware they give priority to slower pedestrians etc. There is room for all to enjoy.

As I headed further down I could feel the hills all around and signs I was hitting the middle of the Pennines. A sign off the towpath showed a waymarker on the Pendle Hill Trail. A sure sign that Lancashire was close.

signpost for the pendle witch trail

Around a couple more bends and there were the start of Greenberfield Locks. The highest point of the canal.

Greenberfield locks

From here, all the way back to Leeds, or all the way on to Liverpool, is downhill all the way.

I could see that this was a place for people to visit just in itself. A pretty little area with original historical buildings like the old lock keepers cabin and the pump house. Plus grassy banks that would easily accommodate a nice family picnic in the warmer months.

greenberfield pump house

Being at the highest point and locks needing to be filled down the canals you can imagine that this section is continuously needing top ups of water. This water comes via a pipe all the way from Winterburn Reservoir near Malham in the Yorkshire Dales.

canal boat at the locks

As I say, when passing through this point I passed into Lancashire and down into Barnoldswick for rest before the new day of walking. Yes, truly, every day is unique on the canals and all sections are beautiful in their own right.

The next stage was to be the final stage and onto Burnley.

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  1. Chris Davies says:

    Absolute joy to read
    Thank you

  2. Tony Payne says:

    Lovely photos and it looks like a great walk. I love walking along the canals, the last one we did was a lot further south, from Freshford (just east of Bath) to Bradford on Avon. It’s always fun to watch the boats go through the locks (and to assist) and some interesting boats as well.

    1. Paul Steele says:

      Thanks Tony, yes it was a walk and area I had actually not done before and was wonderfully surprised

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