Redmires Reservoirs, Beauty Abound Any Time of Year 1

Driving along the winding A57 and leaving Sheffield behind, the countryside is more and more alluring to the eye and without prior knowledge or straying off the beaten track the Redmires Reservoirs could be completely over looked which we have done many times before. Taking a turn uphill, purely to explore we discovered this stunning area and a new place to play, hike and wonder at. The reservoirs were created in 1836 to give clean drinking water to the people of Sheffield, four years after the Sheffield area was struck down with a terrible outbreak of cholera in 1832. The reservoirs are fed by small streams from the Hallam moors.

redmires reservoir

Just outside the city of Sheffield in Fulwood, South Yorkshire, a sweet treat awaits, a series of three reservoirs, upper, middle and lower Redmires reservoirs. If only I were a poet, the beauty and serenity up here, close to the moors is just breathtaking, you really need to see it with your own eyes to behold it.

redmires reservoir-5

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At the upper Redmires reservoir the views over the rolling wild moors and across to the ever expanding Sheffield city are a pure treat for the soul.

redmires reservoir-4

Winter had delivered a plentiful supply of snow and ice across the moors adding a special magic spark to the beauty that lays all around.

redmires reservoir-2

During our time here on a family Sunday visit we had the pleasure of viewing the frozen reservoir, snow covered moorlands and awestruck by the amazing views across the city and beyond.

redmires reservoir-7

During the winter we had as usual set out to explore without a plan and we always surprise ourselves with a new location. Nothing new there then! Lots of fun was had by all in the deep snow. Snowball fights galore, and tobogganing downhill on our bellies like penguins, without I might add, a toboggan!

redmires reservoir-6

redmires reservoir-8

Summertime will bring with it new sights and sounds up here in this wonderfully inspiring and sprawling location and there are plans in place to walk from Redmires reservoirs across to Stanedge Pole. A hike to look forward to and new views to inspire me. I hope I’ve inspired you too.

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