Gayle, Wensleydale

Every time I am in the Wensleydale area I always take the time out to visit the picturesque hamlet of Gayle. A small peaceful place literally walking distance from the Yorkshire Dales market town of Hawes.

It was here that much of my family tree hails from, and it was here that many Summer weekend days were spent playing in the great Dales outdoors when visiting relatives. perhaps that is why I am often drawn to many of the gorgeous spots here in the valley and area, Hardraw Force for example.

Gayle beck waterfall

Gayle Beck runs straight through the village and does not take too many dry days before the waterway’s bed becomes very much waterless. Fond memories of my brother and I as young children popping out the house and into the river bed for some waterfall and boulder climbing.. seemed such an adventure. The waterfalls, often dry in the summer seemed a huge climb when you are a young lad.

Gayle bridge yorkshire
looking across Gayle beck

There is more to the place than meets the eye. Again as often on these pages, here we meet the Pennine Way, before entering into Hawes the route passes right through Gayle, giving walkers a chance to ease through the little old cobbled footways and amongst the old stone houses by the waterway.

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cobbled street

It is far from a large place too. Way back when it was originally a farming community. When mining and quarrying came to the area the village only swelled to a population of around 350.

red phone box yorkshire dales

The hump backed bridge is quite the village centre. It gives rise to the great view upstream… and

view from the bridge

.. downstream the other way is a historic gem, Gayle Mill.

Gayle mill

Built in 1776 as a cotton mill (one of the oldest unaltered cotton mills still around), Gayle Mill was then converted to a sawmill in 1878 where the waterwheel was replaced with a Thomson double-vortex turbine (said to be the oldest water turbine still in original position). Lots of hard work has restored and transformed it into a place where you can now visit, see and learn.

under the bridge

It was time to leave a place I am partial too. A wonderful little place, full of memories too plentiful for here, but always knowing a return is in the offing… one quick last look around

the water of gayle beck

Every time I pass through Wensleydale I always try to take the time to pop into Gayle and reminisce. Every year i get older but the memories of an innocent childhood remain.

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  1. Michael Hodgkins says:

    We love the Dales bit never visited Gayle, on our list for the next trip.

  2. What a cute town! And you did a great job with the photos. I would have loved to grow up in a place that looked like this.

  3. jim storey says:

    Well i never . I was brought up in a little village nr richmond and spent much time in and around that area.

    1. Paul Steele says:

      Hi Jim. small world 🙂

  4. What a lovely picturesque village. Great pictures too. It is clear as to why your childhood memories of the place are so fond. It looks like a homely town with I dare say a close knit community?

    1. Paul Steele says:

      thanks.. yes sure is close knit 🙂

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