cauldron falls of west burton

By the village of West Burton, Yorkshire, there is a beautiful spot, a small waterfall on the beck known as West Burton Falls. Or more commonly referred to as Cauldron Falls. I was passing through Wensleydale on a recent bit of travel and decided to take a tiny detour to this village and finally take a closer look.

Cauldron falls

There had been lots of rain recently which meant the falls would be virtually in full speight. The reason it is known affectionately as Cauldron Falls is the deep cauldron-like plunge pool that has been formed over time. When the water is lower the pool is plain to see. I do find that these spots are amazing to see in both heavy water and light. Whole different experiences.

In fact JMW Turner was attracted to this spot in 1816 when he did a sketch of the falls during a tour of the area.

approaching the falls

It is so easily accessible too! Never an excuse not to see it. Parking in the village of West Burton you can walk along the path to the falls in just a couple of minutes! West Burton is situated in one of the litle dales, Bishopdale, that branches off from Wensleydale itself.

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In fact if you are doing a tour of waterfalls in the area it is not far at all from Aysgarth!

These falls are also a place to find salmon making their way up river for spawning in Autumn. So if you time your visit right you may be able to catch them trying so hard to get up there.

There are plenty of river birds about too I noticed. I will head back when have a better lens with me for sure. Bobbing dippers and wagtails abound.

the bridge at west burton village

The village of West Burton itself I think is not to be missed to extend a little wander. A large village green surrounded by quaint and old houses. Even though it wasn’t a sunny day it still looked wonderfully beautiful.

west burton street yorkshire
old houses and building in west burton

It was so quiet and peaceful. The people here certainly have some country life. The large green is full of recreation for youngsters like football goalposts, play park, or to sit and look at history in the Yorkshire Dales, in peace and quiet.

west burton village green
butchers west burton

I was staying just further down the road in another beautiful village at East Witton, at The Blue Lion Inn. I made a big reminder to myself that I need to explore so much more of the little and beautiful places in the area. Wensleydale has so much to offer and in all my years of visiting here I have never even scratched the surface of what can be seen and experienced.

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