The Grey Wagtails by the riverside 1

It is not all go go go in the BaldHiker world. There are times I need to sit and relax… no not napping on the sofa, simply finding a quiet spot in nature, away from any tourist traps, marvelling and the quietness, calmness and the nature or landscapes around me.

The walk around Rydal Water left me with some time to myself so I did my wander off track thing and found a spot by the riverside, well away from paths and well away from the crowds.

The only noise was the water gently flowing down stream and the odd bird. And the birds that joined in this bliss, across the other side of the river, Grey Wagtails.

grey wagtail on a rock

They are called Grey Wagtails but although that colour ‘in the name’ sounds drab, they catch your eye with their non stop moving, the constant tail wagging and bright lemony yellow on their breast and under the tail.

They kept their distance across the water but I kept as still as possible and watched their frantic yet serene lives.

close up grey wagtail
The Grey Wagtail bird

The bird this is often confused with is the Yellow Wagtail which has a whole lot more yellow and not as much grey on the back above the wings.

The Grey Wagtail has pinkish legs instead of black. The Wagtail name is obvious as with all the types, the walking while tail wagging, the Pied Wagtails that I showed before that frequent the roof, share that funny characteristic. 

I also noticed these two grey Wagtails here this day were females as they were missing the black vent on the throat.

female grey wagtail
little grey wagtail

As it was a riverbank, un-trodden by humans and overgrown with trees, it was a perfect spot for them although not so good for light for the photos sorry.

They hopped, ran, jumped constantly in the shallow water. Never stopping, always looking down for the next little tasty morsel. Any insect, midge or tadpole they found was easily pounced upon.

grey wagtail from behind
grey wagtail by the river

Alas it was time to go. Back to the noise of civilisation. It was a great reminder to spend more time relaxing and especially to take time to stop and look around at the finer things in nature.

Always a pleasure and more of it I shall do. So much to see out there, will show you more real soon I am sure.

grey wagtail eating from the river

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