sunrise west yorkshire

I was lucky enough to have lived in the hills above West Yorkshire for a few months. Not far over the tops from my hometown of Oldham and overlooking the Colne Valley from Slaithwaite towards Huddersfield. Even more lucky having dogs to walk and being out early for a stroll, some strolls giving the most exquisite sunrise scenes fresh and early in the morning.

red sunrise above Slaithwaite
sunrise on dog walk yorkshire

I do find the early mornings my favourite of the dog walks. So quiet, so still, often refreshing and whatever the weather it inspires me for the day ahead. In this particular place I was up on a hill so even more refreshing.

bright red sunrise reflected in puddle

In fact anywhere along this part of the Pennines I find inspiring. The hills beyond Oldham and over toward Huddersfield is where I found my hiking feet as it were. My brother and I getting dragged out by our father for walks for miles in many directions. It wasn’t long before we grew from dragged… to enjoying.

a ew dawn in Yorkshire

I had them all, crisp Winter sunrises and Spring sunrises waking with the newborn lambs jumping around the open fields. Summer sunrises are special too of course. These are reserved for us early dog walkers more often than not….. or the keen.

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winter sunrise Marsden

This place has even more sentimental value to me. This was where Monty and Jasmine, The Bassett hounds lived their last few months, enjoying the walks with me. Great memories of time all over the place with them. It is here of course too that Bea took her first steps with me, as a little puppy.

sunrise west yorkshire autumn

With family still on Oldham and the surrounds I still have good reason to head back to the area often. West Yorkshire and over the hill in Saddleworth, always special, always unique, always bringing me back to wander. Will have to get there nice and early again sometime soon.

sunrise toward huddersfield
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