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I love hiking and walking in Winter. The countryside paths gets quieter, the views get different and immense on mountains and hills, covered in snow. The whole year round brings new perspectives. One thing about Winter hiking and stopping to take in views and photographs… cold! This year I am ready for the Winter cold with Blaze Wear Heated clothing. And it works fantastically.

Ready For Winter Walks - Blaze Wear Heated Clothing 2

I am getting ready for some Winter mountain walks and timely, Blaze Wear, asked me to try out their Traveller Jacket and the Inner heated Gloves. I can honestly say these are no gimmicks, they work, they work well and they are light. There is some ingenious tech gone into this to make the items as practical as any good winter clothing but also to turn them into radiators next to your body when needed.

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How does it work? Well can I firstly say that the jacket and gloves are warm in themselves and make perfect Winter clothing before you need to switch them on. The Jacket has a power bank that charges as you charge any USB item. It is not heavy and the size of a hip flask 🙂

Ready For Winter Walks - Blaze Wear Heated Clothing 4

Once charged it slips into an inside pocket in the jacket and connect to a USB cable within. This is where the tech gets intriguing. The jacket comprises heating elements made of flexible carbon fibres and they are ultra thin. You would not know when wearing as they are made extremely thin and flexible! Turn on the little power button and you have warmth within seconds, against your core and back. Instant extra warmth without having to throw on extra layers.

You can set it to three differing levels of heat to, from 38-55°C. So even on cool but not freezing occasions you can give that extra warmth to your body. What is more, the power pack that heats the jacket can charge your phone too whilst on the go. Neat!

Ready For Winter Walks - Blaze Wear Heated Clothing 5

Their jackets, many and varied, are not the only items that they manufacture with the technology. You can get heated base layers, mid layers, gloves and heat therapy items. In fact I did sense in the jacket it had a real feel of heat pads but surrounding my core.

Faye has a real problem with numb hands in cold and now she has no problem with the heated gloves. It works in the same principle. Little power packs that go un-noticed when worn, but send heat around and up to your fingertips within seconds when needed, by the press of a button.

Ready For Winter Walks - Blaze Wear Heated Clothing 6

Ready For Winter Walks - Blaze Wear Heated Clothing 7

After trying it out and then finding it my go-to jacket already this Winter I am feeling the want for the base layer next. Yes, it works and works great as I say, you can find out lots more about the tech and items they make on Blaze Wear.

Ready for Winter? Yes, now bring on the snow, ice and mountains 🙂

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