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This Magware cutlery set by Full Windsor has become a permanent resident in my backpack. It is too easy to think that it is just an outdoor knife, fork and spoon that is compact and stores with ease.

I will explain that it is more than this and, as well as being fantastic for sustainability, it has made life easier for me, be it hiking or wild camping.

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Bring Your Own Cutlery

I never got to my age without looking back and wondering with guilt how many disposable forks or spoons etc. I have used on my travels, walks or at takeaways.

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We have understood the need more for reusable water bottles, and it is great to see more and more being used when I am out and about. But the same can be done too for eating utensils. Shops and chippys, for example, are still too keen to offer us the ease of a disposable fork when serving us a tasty treat.

Yes, of course I have had cutlery sets for camping and such in the past, but they were old fashioned, big metal sets or cheap plastic ones.

With Magware, Full Windsor have devised this great little kit to help eliminate more single use plastics as well as the need to think about whether or not to pack your own cutlery.

Why Magware

There are many reasons I use Magware over an average cutlery set for my outdoor dining and excursions.

Lightweight – The set is extremely light for carrying in your backpack, adding hardly any weight at all. The set as a whole weighs just 2 oz or 55g.

Durable – Made of aluminium, they are really durable for their light weight. Plus they have been tested for dishwashers.

They really last and do the job. I have been using a set for a few months now regularly and they still look good as new. They even managed the odd overdone steak I may have produced.

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They pack well so that they fit into the smallest pouch in my backpack, and I don’t think twice about carrying them for any occasion. You could even slip them into your back pocket and take them to the next BBQ you are invited to.


A clue to how easy they store is in their name: Magware. When cleaned and ready to store or pack, they click together simply with magnets turning them into a natural light flatware grouping.

magware magnets storage

The magnets are stronger than you think, so there is no way they will come apart easily. This means you can take them with you as is, or you can store them in the nice little pouch they come in.

magware in storage pouch


Magware was launched by crowdfunding and has continued to go from strength to strength. They have certainly caught my eye, and I now have and use a set all the time.

They are lighweight, durable and contribute to reducing the impact of disposable cutlery on the environment and in our oceans.

magware boxed

A simple, ingenious idea that has been well designed, thought out and made extremely practical, Magware has become my cutlery of choice.

They can be purchased from the Full Windsor site in single or multiple sets. You can even get Magware chopsticks!

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